DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Pacifist is an achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. To be awarded it, you must complete the game without killing a single human enemy. This includes the final boss fight with Viktor Marchenko, meaning that you must defeat him without killing him to get the achievement.


To get this achievement, it is advisable to avoid combat situations all together, as it is difficult to emerge from them alive without being lethal. However, non-lethal augmentations can be used in combat such as the P.E.P.S and the Typhoon Explosive System (set to non-lethal).

Instead, it is better to be as stealthy as possible. This achievement and Foxiest of the Hounds work well together as they require you to be completely stealthy. Some augmentations that make stealth easier are the Glass-Shield Cloaking System as you can bypass enemies without being seen, and Smart Vision which highlights the locations of enemies. When you decide to take down an enemy rather than just avoid them, you can check that they have not been accidentally killed by inspecting the HUD symbol over their body. If they are just knocked out, it will display a yellow "Zzz", but if they were killed it will show a red skull.

Tips Edit

  • When knocking out enemies with something like a tranquilizer rifle, make sure they are not very close to an edge in case they fall and die from the impact.
  • When hacking turrets and bots, make sure to not activate friendly fire, as any kills they are responsible for are counted as being from you.


  • There is a similar achievement of the same name in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Pacifist.
  • This achievement cannot be received at the same time as Laputan Machine, as it requires you to kill Viktor Marchenko. If you want to get both achievements in the same playthrough, save before the boss fight, activate the killswitch, and then reload.