DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Otar Botkoveli (Georgian: ოთარ ბოტკოველი) is the second in command of the Dvali crime family in Prague during 2029. He runs an underground casino in the Čistá Čtvrť sewers.


Otar disagrees with the way Radich Nikoladze has been leading the Dvali and shows resentment towards some deals that Otar considers "bad for business" such as his boss' deal with Viktor Marchenko and the gold-mask terrorists. He also does not like Russians entering the Dvali, as he likes sticking to tradition.

All this aspires him to displace Nikoladze from the kingpin's position. He is almost always seen beside his trusty right-hand man, Vano Shetekauri, who he frequently lectures on the ways of the Dvali. Vano looks up to him and sees him as a mentor or father figure of sorts.

Even if Otar considers doing business with augmented people bad during the time of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, he does not exactly despise augmented beings. This is shown when he trusts Jensen with missions to elevate him as the leader of the Dvali in Prague in exchange for the neuroplasticity calibrator and safety for Václav Koller

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedEdit

Otar Botkoveli initially appears as an opponent at the start of Mankind Divided, having sent his thugs to The Time Machine to forcefully extract its owner after Koller failed to show up when summoned. After being fixed up, Koller will direct Jensen towards an underground casino owned by Otar to retrieve a neuroplasticity calibrator that the mob boss have been withholding from him. Jensen can either kill, knock out everyone in the casino, or through a debate, gain the trust and initially bumpy alliance of Botkoveli himself in exchange for a favor or two down the road.

During his trek through Golem City, Jensen is contacted by Otar through Infolink, where the mobster informs him of a certain merchant named Louis Gallois who has a shop set up in the area. For his first favor, Otar tasks Jensen with taking this merchant out, though how he does it is his business. 

After returning to Prague, Jensen is once again hailed by Botkoveli, who asks for another favor completed before he will let him off the hook. Otar directs Jensen over to the Red Queen, a nightclub in the Red Light District and help its proprietor with a certain family business. Once the deed is done, Otar contacts Jensen for the last time to express his gratitude and personally pardons Koller.

If Otar was helped out with his two favors, he will succeed Radich Nikoladze, who happened to perish in an "unfortunate accident", as the leader of the local Dvali branch and will grant Jensen safe passage into his territory. Despite his success, however, Otar rose to power too late, as Nikoladze had already finished his end of the deal with Marchenko, the explosives along with the Orchid have long been on their way to London. 

Otar then bids Jensen farewell and good luck with his plans to stop the Illuminati's plot.

CASIE SummaryEdit

The CASIE Social Enhancer describes Otar as follows:

Personality Traits:

  • Honorable
  • Proud
  • Circumspect

Psychological Profile:

  • Insists on principled behavior. Demonstrate similar standards.
  • Gets aggressive when insulted. Be respectful without patronizing.
  • Keeps most thoughts and feelings to himself. Proceed cautiously.


  • Otar is a ruthless gangster, but he is a fairly honorable man. The easiest way for Jensen to win a debate with him is to be as upfront as possible, as Otar respects honesty.
  • If Jensen takes Louis Gallois out lethally and assists Máša Kadlek in side quest All in the Family, Otar becomes the leader of the Dvali in Prague allowing Jensen to visit the Dvali Theatre peacefully. Jensen will call in to collect his favor upon exiting the Task Force headquarters if this is the case.
    • He will not be friendly if the player stole the calibrator instead of winning it over through dialogue, and takes Radich out when presented the chance.
    • Václav Koller will be spared if Otar is successful with his takeover.
    • For a Pacifist playthrough, the player can provoke Gallois into attacking them through dialogue and let the nearby police officers kill him instead. It does not matter if Gallois was killed by the player or not, as soon as he dies the favor will be properly completed and Otar will be one step closer to his success.
  • Otar carries a unique and powerful scoped revolver that can be looted from his body after killing or knocking him out.


  • Otar seems to have some unfamiliarity in communicating via InfoLink, preferring to address himself to whomever he contacts despite his face being plainly visible on their HUD. Jensen points this out to him at one point.
  • Jensen can tell Otar that he's come to see him on behalf of a "concerned third party", and in response Otar will comment that Jensen is a "very private person". Both are catchphrases from the Person of Interest TV series.

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