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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

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Otar Botkoveli (Georgian: ოთარ ბოტკოველი) is the second in command of the Dvali crime family in Prague. He runs an underground casino in the Čistá district.


Otar disagrees the way Radich Nikoladze has taken on leading the Dvali. He resents the deal Radich made with Viktor Marchenko and the gold-mask terrorists and many other decisions "bad for business" in his opinion. All this aspires him to displace Nikoladze from kingpin's position. Jensen can agree to do some of Otar's dirty work in exchange for neuroplasticity calibrator and safety for Václav Koller.

Even if Otar considers at the time of Mankind Divided making business with augmented people bad, he does not exactly despise augmented beings. This is shown when he trusts Jensen with missions to elevate him as the leader of the Dvali in Prague.

CASIE SummaryEdit

The CASIE Social Enhancer describes Otar as follows:

Personality Traits:

  • Honorable
  • Proud
  • Circumspect

Psychological Profile:

  • Insists on principled behavior. Demonstrate similar standards.
  • Gets aggressive when insulted. Be respectful without patronising.
  • Keeps most thoughts and feelings to himself. Proceed cautiously.



  • Otar seems to have some unfamiliarity in communicating via InfoLink, preferring to address himself to whomever he contacts despite his face being plainly visible on their HUD. Jensen points this out to him at one point.
  • Jensen can tell Otar that he's a "concerned third party", and in response Otar will comment that Jensen is a "very private person". Both are catchphrases from the Person of Interest TV series.

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