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Standard ogre

DXHR OgreHelmet

Ogre with a helmet from The Missing Link

Ogres are mechanically augmented enemies in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: The Fall.


Ogres are a variety of Belltower Spec Ops, along with the sneaker and the soldier. Ogres are mechanically augmented and extremely dangerous, equipped with the best technology, and only deployed to take care of the highest-threat situations. The ogre should not be confused with the typical "heavy" variant of the soldier or security guard, who are far less dangerous by comparison and far more common.

The typical ogre is of a much larger stature than any other troop type and is equipped with a heavy rifle and strong ballistic armor capable of taking 3-4 Diamond Back frag rounds, 5-6 sniper rifle rounds, or even several head shots from weaker weapons such as the pistol.

Ogres are often complemented with soldiers and sneakers and are usually found only in areas of high importance such as Picus Communications and Omega Ranch. Another one can be found in the Old Noodle Factory from Explosive Mission Pack DLC.

A second type of ogre appears in The Missing Link, although there are only two of them to be found. The main difference from the normal type is that they are equipped with helmets instead of balaclavas. However, this has absolutely no effect on their health and it takes the same number of head shots from any weapon to kill them as a normal ogre.


First and foremost, ogres should be avoided. Being capable of such high damage with their rifles, it should be a priority not to disturb them. Do not trigger firefights in areas where ogres are prevalent - if an enemy must be taken out, do so quietly. As they usually patrol the larger, more open areas of a map, it is considerably easier to avoid them than others.

Despite their high ballistic damage protection, ogres are just as vulnerable to one-hit knock outs such as the stun gun, tranquilizer rifle and takedown as with any other enemy. Keep this in mind rather than wasting entire magazines of shotgun, combat rifle or machine pistol ammunition.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In Deus Ex: Black Light, Adam Jensen notes that Ogres are considered a class of augmented persons who qualify as lethal weapons just by existing. He also notes that Gunther Hermann belongs to this class of Augs.
  • Ogres may carry ammunition for the Typhoon Explosive System on their bodies, however, they will on the rare occasion use the augmentation themselves defensively if Jensen is spotted within close proximity.
  • As all humans share the same animations for take downs and the ogre is noticeably taller than the average human, sometimes take down animations do not match up correctly such as Adam Jensen tapping the target's diaphragm as opposed to their shoulder and punching them in the chest rather than the face.

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