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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
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Nomad Staněk is a well-respected watchmaker in Prague and the father of Allison Staněk. He lives at Libuse Apartments, #96.

Biography Edit

Post-Aug IncidentEdit

After Allison was dishonorably discharged from Czech military and became depressed, Nomad tried to find a way to fund her hospital and mental health care expenses. Radich Nikoladze eventually approached Nomad, striking a deal with him to sell his watches at a discount to Nikoladze.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedEdit

During the night in Prague, his shop is bombed and Nikoladze has Dvali thugs booby trap his apartment, breaking their deal without stating why. Nomad is unaffected by these events though, since he has been waiting the whole time in a bar named the Irish Stool for Allison, who never appears. Instead, Task Force 29 agents arrive there to hold him for Adam Jensen. When Jensen arrives, he learns about Allison's involvement in the Růžička Station bombings, but when he questions Nomad about his daughter's whereabouts, he denies knowing where she is and is taken into custody in hopes he will reveal more information.

He later slips away from the TF29 agents when he learns that Allison's life is in jeopardy and contacts Jensen about this, begging him to rescue her.


  • Jensen is a regular customer of Staněk's shop.
  • If the player did M12: The Heist, Nomad will be distraught over his daughter's death and blame Jensen for not coming to rescue her. If the player did M11: Confronting the Bomb-Maker and successfully took Allison into custody, he can be convinced that she made the bombs, knowing people would be killed with them.

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