Nightshades computers are two computers located in the Nightshades night club in Panama City. They appear in Deus Ex: The Fall.

One computer is in the club's basement office, and belongs to Benicio L, who seems to the the club owner or manager. Another computer is in the bar and belongs to the bartender Ali K.

Emails Edit

Cool It Edit

FROM: Rich Bergen
TO: Benicio L


Please stop trying to contact me directly. As I stated previously, we have agents here at XNG investigating our shipping manifests at the office and at our warehouses looking into missing cargo transported through the canal. Belltower has been hired to guard new shipments, so there's going to be a temporary halt on supply and women. I'm sorry, but it is what it is. Operations will return to normal, I assure you, but in the meantime I need you to relax and trust me on this.


(NSIT.10123.75540) wrote:


>Haven't seen you in the club lately. We got a few fine bitches in
>here since last time!

>I tried to call you last week. Our supply is getting low. You know
>how we rely on that to keep our high end clients happy and also
>to keep the natives from getting restless. Can you call this week
>or swing by the club to meet in person?


Overdue Raise Edit

FROM: Benicio L
TO: Ali K


I got your messages (and no, I'm not dodging you man!). I know things for you have gotten pretty hectic in the bar and we were supposed to meet last month to discuss your raise. Why don't you swing down to my office tonight after your shift? Go on in and make yourself comfortable. The passcode is 3838.

- Benicio

(NSIT.10123.75540) wrote:


>This is going on three weeks since we were supposed to meet
>and haven't. I know you're busy (and I know you know I'm busy), but
>let's make this happen, ok? I feel like since I first talked to you
>about my review I ain't hardly seen you.


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