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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Dr. Nicholas Cipra once worked as the project lead of the neural research division of Tai Yong Medical. In 2029, Cipra runs a lékárna (pharmacy) in Prague and resides in an apartment unit directly above the pharmacy.

Biography Edit

As the project lead of Tai Yong Medical's neural division, Cipra conducted research in experimental neural therapy. The therapy was designed to treat patients with social disorders by implanting memories from a donor into the patient by a memory chip. By doing so, the patient would receive beneficial personality traits of the donor. One of his patients was Daria Myška, who suffered from social anxiety. As part of the therapy procedure, Daria received a segment of neural codes obtained from serial killer Marek Svobotka. At some point afterwards, Cipra left Tai Yong.

Unfortunately, the therapy he administered to Daria caused Daria to become a serial killer after she was reintegrated into society. Daria went on to conduct murders in the same manner that Svobotka conducted his murders, due to the fusion of Svobotka's memories with her own.

Cipra later rejoined Tai Yong Medical, presumably because Tai Yong forced him to get involved in bringing an end to Daria's killings. Tai Yong Medical sets up a pharmacy for Cipra in Prague[1], where Daria resides. According to a store clerk who works at the pharmacy, Cipra feels that his job of managing a pharmacy is beneath a man of his qualifications.

In the side mission SM11: The Last Harvest, Adam Jensen may discover that Daria was once a patient of Cipra. By conversing with Cipra, Cipra can be persuaded to reveal an override phrase that disables Daria's memory chip. Cipra requests that Jensen return the memory chip after the dealing with Daria. If Jensen returns the chip, Cipra will be relieved, and will reveal further details of the memory implantation procedure.

Quotes Edit

  • "Take a man like yourself, for example. Could have given you a sense of humor." (Spoken to Jensen when describing his experimental neural therapy)

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References Edit

  1. According to an email on Daria Myška's computer.

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