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Neuropozyne stash in an air vent.

, informally called No-Poz or Nu-Poz, is a drug used by the mechanically augmented in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: The Fall. It helps prevent neuroprosthesis rejection syndrome, a build-up of scar tissue that blocks electrical signals between augmentation electrodes and human tissue, ultimately resulting in rejection. It is manufactured by VersaLife.


Unlike simple non-cybernetic implants, like a hip replacement which can be made from hypoallergenic materials, there is a need for any cybernetic augmentation that will "feel" and can be moved by the mind to have a neuroprosthetic junction, in essence a chip located within the brain to act as the interface between body and machine. Darrow Industries pioneered the PEDOT-cluster array design which was constructed to include both the organic conducting polymer electrodes and the neurons which would interface with the host's neurons, hence why it is called a "biochip".

The problem with implanting the biochip is that it causes glial tissue to build up around the junction, causing what is best described as nerve scars. The scarring eventually disrupts the integrity of the neuroprosthetic junction causing rejection syndrome also known as Darrow Deficiency Syndrome (DDS).

Neuropozyne is a compound that prevents the buildup of glial nerve tissue around the junction. It is available by prescription only and weekly doses are required to prevent the disruption of the junction. Although it is not produced with especially rare materials, its distribution is heavily monitored and it can sell for extraordinary prices on the black market.



Neuropozyne information poster.

  • According to Picus TV, there is a Neuropozyne shortage in 2027. This is due to various setbacks experienced by VersaLife that slowed the company's ability to meet demand.
  • In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, at the Sarif Industries headquarters in Detroit, Adam Jensen can partake in a quest entailing Neuropozyne thefts.
  • Adam Jensen's biology produces a unique mutagenic chemical, the result of experiments conducted on him as a child by VersaLife. This chemical eliminates the need for the Neuropozyne treatments that other mechanically augmented people need to prevent scarring and rejection.
  • Neuropozyne is comparable to Ambrosia in Deus Ex. The latter is required to temporarily stave off the harmful effects of the Gray Death nano-mechanical virus. Neuropozyne and Ambrosia are manufactured by VersaLife (a branch of Page Industries) and both drugs are heavily controlled by organizations in power (namely the Illuminati and Majestic 12). As a result, both are exceedingly rare and this allows them to be used as leverages to gain power over a person or organization.

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