DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

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Neon Nights
There are things worth learning about any new street drug, especially one that's getting as popular as "Neon". What is it exactly? Who controls it? How does it affect the people around me? I've heard enough to know that it's flooding the streets of Prague, drowning its addicts in color. But the only way to find out everything I can about Neon - to ultimately do what's right - is to keep digging.

SM00: Neon Nights is a side mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be obtained by Adam Jensen during any of his three visits to Prague, and can be completed during any of those visits. Completing this mission unlocks an achievement/trophy of the same name.

Objectives & XP Rewards Edit

Objective Getting Things Done Ghost Smooth Operator
Dealing in colors 750 - -
Behind Our Backs 750 - -
The Rave 350 - -
The Door of Perception 750 - -
Persuade Neon chemist * - - -
Where All the Color Comes From 1500 200 200
Mission complete 750 - -

* With CASIE, there is a 500 XP bonus (see walkthrough for details)

Starting the MissionEdit

This mission comprises a sequence of objectives. You may start the mission at any of the objectives in the sequence. However, in order to maximize XP gain, it is preferable to start the mission by obtaining the first objective of "Dealing in Colors."

To start the mission at the first possible objective, go to the area labeled "courtyard" in the in-game map of the Překážka District. This courtyard is at the middle of the northern edge of the district and is located north of the Velvet Rock landmark. The back of the courtyard is a gated restricted area, guarded by a non-descript merc with a Hurricane. Unless you approach the safe, he's fine with throwing one-liners and warnings, but will open fire if make a move on the safe, so deal with him silenty. Now that's done, you can check out the safe, whic has a fairly big stash of credits for this early in the game, a gas grenade, and a vial of nupoz. There's also a pocket secretary with the message "Neon Strategy." Reading it will start the mission at the "Dealing in Colors" objective, discussed below. Before you leave, pay attention to the wall close to the safe. It's breakable. Once you've made your way down there, you'll find further evidence that nupoz and neon don't mix on a pocket secretary and by the fact that there's a dead aug there. Another vial of nupoz is nearby, and if you have the klipspringer leg aug (or are adapt at stacking crates), standing on the pipes at the end of the room will allow you to jump up to a 'secret' compartment that holds a well-stocked weapon locker, including a fully loaded tranquilizer rifle, 5.56mm AP, various grenades, and a box of 9mm ammunition.

Alternatively, you may skip the first step of viewing the pocket secretary described above, and initiate the mission at any of the subsequent objectives ("Behind Our Backs", "The Rave", "The Door of Perception", and "Where All the Color Comes From") by completing the requirements discussed below for triggering that objective.

  • For example, if you skip the first step of viewing the "Neon Strategy" pocket secretary, and directly proceed to read the e-mail on the drug dealer Bonbon's computer in unit #22 of Zeleň Apartments, the mission will initiate with "Behind Our Backs" as the objective.
  • As another example, if you skip both steps discussed above and directly proceed to read the appropriate pocket secretary found in unit 202 of 33 Hlavní Apartments, the mission will initiate with "The Rave" as the objective.

It is also possible to have multiple steps of the objective-chain be active at once, by satisfying the respective trigger conditions of non-consecutive objectives.


Dealing in Colors Edit

Go to Bonbon's apartment, in unit #22 of Zeleň Apartments. In the stairwell, look for a vent. Follow through the vent to a restricted area. Crawl through until you reach the apartment, which is a restricted area. One of Bonbon's business partners (another non-descript merc) will then conveniently get a call, which allows ample time to hide in the kitchen and listen in. Once he's done talking, he'll sit down on the bed. Stealthily sneak over and use a takedown on him. Right next to him is a Hurricane loaded with 22 9mm rounds. The apartment has credit chips, painkillers, various sorts of booze, and a 'punk.' She won't bother you as long as she doesn't see, or hear, you take down the merc. Looking through all the trash (it is a drug dealer's apartment, after all), you'll find a pocket secretary sent by the man you just incapacitated, addressed to Bonbon. It holds some pertinent information, as well as the password to their computer, which is a good thing, because said computer is a level 3 hack. The computer in question is located under some six-packs of beer, so toss those out, and either hack it (reveal software and money), or use the password DobraNoc. Reading the e-mails will complete the objective.

Behind Our Backs Edit

Make your way to unit 202 at 33 Hlavní Apartments. This apartment has a security feature that detects you are a stranger and will start counting down when you step inside so quickly access the terminal inside via hacking or using a multi-tool. If you take too long, the AI will alert two policemen to investigate the apartment, and set it as a red zone. If you don't leave when the first two cops come, they'll open fire, and every cop on the street down below will rush to to their aid. Don't do this. Once you've hacked/multi-tooled the computer, it will automatically update its ownership record, recognizing Adam as the actual person who lives there. Exploring through the computer, you find that you can adjust lighting, retract the steel window covers, lock the door, change the 'environment,' which turns on a cheesy music track, while the apartment's lighting goes pink, complete with hearts. Under security, you can open the original owner's secret stash, which is located right next to the gigantic TV, and if you thought you'd struck gold with such an impressive apartment, you're gonna be sadly disappointed, because he only has 100 credits in his stash. Exploring the apartment yields a lot of alcoholic beverages, most of which is beer. There's a pocket secretary in the bathroom, and the upper floor has even more beer on the staircase, another stash once you're up there, a credit chip, and - you guessed it - more beer. However, as you proceed, your inventory weighed down by beer, you reach the bedroom, and next to the bed is yet another dead aug, who's holding a pocket secretary with instructions, theories, and a location that could yield some actual answers. Once you close out, the home AI advises you to 'get rid of that. It's highly recommended.' Go back to the computer again, and call the cleaners, who will reply in less than a minute that they're on their way, and will actually for real clean the place, 'to keep up appearances.' To trigger the cleaning, take the palisade metro to any of the others, then back to palisade, and...blam. The apartment's like new. Like the 'cleaners' said, they left the wares on the bed, along with an origami towel swan, which holds a keycard for the mysterious neon rave.

The Rave Edit

Neon and swan

Swan towel at #202 Hlavní contains the Neon keycard needed to access the Rave.

The Rave is located in the Train Tunnels, which can be reached through Ludvig's courtyard. From momument station, walk left, past Autodily and the other shops, and enter the alley. Since you have the card, you can just let yourself in, but if you didn't bother, the alternative solution is to smash a hole in the weakened wall concealed by some rather heavy metal trash containers, and use EMP immunity to get in, anyway. If you really can't be bothered with any of this, simple pull out a gun, and shoot the door until it's destroyed.

The rave's what you'd expect, but taking the left past the dancing girls lets Adam overhear a conversation. A new member invited has seen what happens when neon and nupoz mix, but is casually told 'don't mix your meds' by an older gentleman. It's impossible to get anything of value out of the ravers, so get to hacking open the locked door. Inside...yet another dead aug, with a pocket secretary spelling out where the distribution comes from: Libuše Apartments. Talking to the ravers in the music room produces some of the game's best quotes.

The Door of Perception Edit

Now head to, Libuše Apartments #84. It has a giant rainbow swan on its door, making it easy to spot.  There are multiple ways into this apartment, either through vents, crawlspaces and acrobatics, then typhooning the bathroom wall, or by hacking the wall panel. Regardless how you enter, do note that this place is full of stuff. There's painkillers, alcohol, a pistol in the desk drawer, the dining room table has a fully loaded shotgun tucked neatly under it, and there are various credit chips, drinks, and ammunition about, as well as a pocket secretary in the bedroom, and a computer. Once you're done, use the curiously placed spray can to open a secret door in the wall (alternatively, just blow it open with firepower). Inside is a safe, and if called the cleaners to clean the apartment, a bodybag. Hack it open, take the money, and the pocket secretary, which gives you super detailed instructions of where the lab's actually at, and who these people are. To no one's surprise, it's Dvali.

Where All the Color Comes From Edit

Ride the nearby pilgrim station metro to Adam's side of town. Behind the Zelen apartments, there's a sewer grate (same one used in the cult of personality sidequest). Make sure you're prepared and ready, then drop down. You'll be going in the opposite direction this time, however, and soon enough, you arrive in a huge chamber full of barrels, both of the regular kind, as well as the explosive. There's large machinery and trash everywhere, so head down to the less noisy part of the room, where you'll find a locked door. While you do have the code for it, as it was neatly supplied by the insider on that pocket secretary from the 'cleaners,' there's a turret mounted in there. Best look for other options, yes? Go back to the machinery and throw the breaker. It's now safe to climb the mountain of trash, barrels, and metal refuse...only to find yet another door, without power. If you throw the breaker to 'on,' the door has power, but the floor and everything else up there is electrified, so this alternate path can only really be done with EMP immunity. If you don't have that, go back down, and either hack the door into the turret's chamber, or use the code. If you don't have cloak, you're gonna have to use expert timing to move about while it pivots in 3/4 circle. Astute players may recognize the silhouette of a computer just behind the turret. The code for it (as well as the rest of the neon lab) is in a safe located mere meters away, concealed by some crates and rubble, and addressed by Vince Black's alter-ego. Said safe also has a box of 10mm EMP rounds. With some nimble footwork, you should have no problem getting to the safe, then you can turn off the turret.

If you don't care one bit about subtlety, there's nothing stopping you from unloading on the turret with the grenade launcher, or whatever AP ammunition you have at your disposal, but this will alert the lab (seems to be bugged, only works half the time).

Either way you deal with the turret, proceed up the stairs, where you'll find another keypad. Use the code, or hack. You'll get the full view of the operation, and what an operation it is. Pay attention to the left catwalk, and the Dvali guard who patrols there. If you want things easy, make your way over to his catwalk, wait for him to go inside and check the computer, then knock him out. Now use the security computer to turn off all cameras and alarm panels. Once that's done, proceed along the catwalk, all the way around the little cage they have the neon lab inside. Once you start hearing two scientists arguing about something, you know you're close to your goal. At the end of the catwalk, jump up onto some concrete, then fall down, and you're now at your goal.

Enter the room of the chemist, Harmony Knapková, where the chemicals to make Neon are kept. You have a few different options here to complete the mission.

  • You can sneak into the locked area using either remote hacking or the klipspringer aug to get in. If you did not already turn off the laser grid, the panel up there will let you.  Now drop into the lower area where the tanks are and insert a biocell in each white generator in the center (2 are needed) allowing you to hack the now powered panel in the middle and empty the tanks, finishing the mission.
  • You can destroy the tanks which will complete the objective but it is recommended you do it from a distance or get the implanted rebreather augmentation as doing this causes gas to leak from the tanks. Hacking the lab turret from the security terminal will also accomplish this.
  • Confront the chemist directly. If you get close enough to her, you will automatically enter a conversation, which can go a number of ways:
    • Using "dismantle" then "threaten", or "warn" then "moralize", will make her sound the alarm.
    • Using "dismantle" then "reason", or "warn" then "relent", will not make her sound the alarm, but she will not help you either.
    • Using "warn" then "confront" will make her sabotage it herself
    • If you have the CASIE aug, you can do "persuade" (under "dismantle"), then "reverse psychology" twice. You can then use "expert" which will get her to sabotage it herself, or "help" and she will give you the codes and biocells to do it yourself.

However, one can skip all of that, and simply return to the security substation, set the turret to friendly fire, and watch as it destroys Harmony, the lasers, the tanks (spreading gas over a wide area), and any Dvali who come to investigate.

Once you have chosen your path and emptied the tanks, the mission will be completed.

Notable loot in the neon lab Edit

  • ZAP stun gun on one of the lab tables, with a box of ammunition.
  • Multi-tool on the table behind Harmony. There's a pocket secretary informing her of her future on the same table.
  • A vial of neuropozyne.
  • A smoke bomb on top of four gas barrels.
  • Box of 6 shotgun shells right outside the lab 'main entrance,' on top of some concrete.
  • Two fully loaded shotguns (one near the aforementioned main entrance, and the other leaning against some junk close to the bridge that takes you to Harmony's chamber. Can't miss it, it's right next to the row of fridges) and a fully loaded 10mm pistol.
  • Harmony has a credit chip next to her worth in excess of 400.
  • There's a lot of crafting resources and credit chips scattered all over the lab, and a biocell hidden to the left of the door that takes you out into the sewage area. Look over the railing, and it's there.
  • A decent number of 9mm ammunition can be found placed haphazardly throughout the area. The makeshift control room has a hurricane TMP SMG loaded to almost full capacity, as well as various hacking software and some vendor trash.


  • A person visually resembling the owner of the Hlavní apartment 202, John Dubnyk, can be taken out, but there are no lootable items on his body.
  • As all Dvali but one are wielding shotguns, and are of the tougher variety, it's advised to use caution if you intend to take the lab by force, especially on GMDX difficulty. Those shotguns can be quite nasty up close and personal.
  • For the less aggressive approach, one can shot the gas plugs in the lab's neon lines (very difficult to miss), which will quickly fill the lab with gas, knocking out all the scientists, and leaving only two Dvali (the ones in gas proof gear) standing.
  • Due to the cramped nature of the lab, a typhoon blast is very likely to set off the gas system, detonate the gas cylinders, explode the Bobson synthetic's generator, and generally wreak havoc on everybody present. Unless you have the implanted rebreather, this unfortunately also includes Adam.
  • If you're feeling particularly righteous/evil after solving things diplomatically, you can kill Harmony. She sometimes forgets that she's supposed to have given her two biocells to Adam, so you can loot them off her corpse. This seems to be just another random bug.
  • If you have the optimized musculature (heavy lifting) perk, grab the nearby vending machine to carry around with you in the room with the turret; The turret will not notice you if you set the object between you and the turret (make sure to place it down in front of you though).
  • If you want to use the door in the electrical field, use one of the 3 explosive barrels in the room to blow it open.


  • The objective name "The Door of Perception" is likely a reference to Aldous Huxley's 1954 essay The Doors of Perception that details his experiences when taking mescaline.
  • The name of the mission may be a reference to Black Sabbath song, "Neon Knights".