DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

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Neon Nights
There are things worth learning about any new street drug, especially one that's getting as popular as "Neon". What is it exactly? Who controls it? How does it affect the people around me? I've heard enough to know that it's flooding the streets of Prague, drowning its addicts in color. But the only way to find out everything I can about Neon - to ultimately do what's right - is to keep digging.

SM00: Neon Nights is a side mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be obtained by Adam Jensen during any of his three visits to Prague, and can be completed during any of those visits. Completing this mission unlocks an achievement/trophy of the same name.

Objectives & XP Rewards Edit

Objective Getting Things Done Ghost Smooth Operator
Dealing in colors 750 - -
Behind Our Backs 750 - -
The Rave 350 - -
The Door of Perception 750 - -
Persuade Neon chemist * - - -
Where All the Color Comes From 1500 200 200
Mission complete 750 - -

* With CASIE, there is a 500 XP bonus (see walkthrough for details)

Starting the MissionEdit

This mission comprises a sequence of objectives. You may start the mission at any of the objectives in the sequence. However, in order to maximize XP gain, it is preferable to start the mission by obtaining the first objective of "Dealing in Colors."

To start the mission at the first possible objective, go to the area labeled "courtyard" in the in-game map of the Překážka District. This courtyard is at the middle of the northern edge of the district and is located north of the Velvet Rock landmark. The back of the courtyard is a gated restricted area. The restricted area contains a safe with a pocket secretary inside. Reading the pocket secretary with the message "Neon Strategy" will start the mission at the "Dealing in Colors" objective, discussed below.

Alternatively, you may skip the first step of viewing the pocket secretary described above, and initiate the mission at any of the subsequent objectives ("Behind Our Backs", "The Rave", "The Door of Perception", and "Where All the Color Comes From") by completing the requirements discussed below for triggering that objective.

  • For example, if you skip the first step of viewing the "Neon Strategy" pocket secretary, and directly proceed to read the e-mail on the drug dealer Bonbon's computer in unit #22 of Zeleň Apartments, the mission will initiate with "Behind Our Backs" as the objective.
  • As another example, if you skip both steps discussed above and directly proceed to read the appropriate pocket secretary found in unit 202 of 33 Hlavní Apartments, the mission will initiate with "The Rave" as the objective.

It is also possible to have multiple steps of the objective-chain be active at once, by satisfying the respective trigger conditions of non-consecutive objectives.


Dealing in Colors Edit

Go to Bonbon's apartment, in unit #22 of Zeleň Apartments. In the stairwell, look for a vent. Follow through the vent to a restricted area. There will be two NPCs, one of them hostile. You can either take him down, or wait until he is done talking and moves out of sight. In the kitchen is a level 3 computer covered by a box. Hack the computer or use the password DobraNoc. Reading the e-mails will complete the objective.

Behind Our Backs Edit

Make your way to unit 202 at 33 Hlavní Apartments. This apartment has a security feature that detects you are a stranger and will start counting down when you step inside so quickly access the terminal inside via hacking or using a multi-tool. If you take too long, the AI will alert two policemen to investigate the apartment. After logging into the computer, it will automatically update its information, so it recognizes you as the apartment owner allowing you to now move around freely. Also, if you do not have the punch through wall aug and EMP shielding, go ahead and hire the cleaning service on the terminal (under House A.I., then environment). To finish this area, find and read one of the pocket secretaries to learn the location of the Rave.

The Rave Edit

Neon and swan

Swan towel at #202 Hlavní contains the Neon keycard needed to access the Rave.

The Rave is located in the Train Tunnels. You will find the entrance in a courtyard that requires a Neon keycard. If you have the earlier mentioned augs, go over to where the trash containers are and move them aside to punch through the vent and enter the party through the electrified opening. Another alternative is to destroy the locked door with an explosive or weapons. If you do not have the necessary augs or lack the firepower to destroy the door, run back to 202 Hlavní, which is now spotless if you hired the cleaning service. You will find a Neon keycard by interacting with the swan towel on the bed. If you did not hire them before going to the courtyard, you can take the subway to another station and return and it should be there.

Whichever way you got into the party, make your way to the locked room and get inside. You will find a dead augmented raver with a pocket secretary warning him, too late, of the dangers of using Neon as an Aug and the location of the Neon suppliers.

The Door of Perception Edit

Now head to Libuše Apartments, #84. It has a giant rainbow swan on its door, making it easy to spot.  There are multiple ways into this apartment, either through vents or by hacking the wall panel. If you entered through the door, go into the kitchen area and activate the spray bottle to reveal a secret room with a safe. If you used the vents to get in, you will end up in this room. Unlock the safe and read the pocket secretary to learn the lab’s location.

Where All the Color Comes From Edit

Head into the sewers near Zeleň Apartments and towards the marker. The code you got off the pocket secretary can be used on the gated door, but you will notice it is guarded by a turret with an almost 360 degree sweep. If you do not have remote hacking but have the EMP shielding, you can instead jump onto the electrified ledge and hack the door up there. If you wish to hack the door open, then you cannot turn off the electricity as it is needed to power the panel. If you go through the main door, there is a level 3 security terminal behind the turret you can use to stop it (it is in the turret’s small blind spot so you can access it without it spotting you).

Alternatively, you can find one of the explosive barrels in the room, turn off the electricity, throw the barrel up onto the ledge with the doorway, climb up, place it next to the door, then stand well away from it and empty a few rounds into the barrel. Boom goes the door.

Whichever way you enter, now head up the stairs and use the same code to open the metal paneling. There is also a path up on the right side if you can get up there and move the trash container. Take out the guards or sneak around on the upper floor, just keep in mind the sniper for the latter option. If you do not want anyone becoming alarmed, take him out in the small room he goes in on his patrol. This small room also has a level 3 security terminal that will allow you to turn off the area’s cameras and laser grid in the lab, making it a lot easier to sneak around.

Enter the room of the chemist, Harmony Knapková, where the chemicals to make Neon are kept. You have a few different options here to complete the mission.

  • You can sneak into the locked area using either remote hacking or the klipspringer aug to get in. If you did not already turn off the laser grid, the panel up there will let you.  Now drop into the lower area where the tanks are and insert a biocell in each white generator in the center (2 are needed) allowing you to hack the now powered panel in the middle and empty the tanks, finishing the mission.
  • You can destroy the tanks which will complete the objective but it is recommended you do it from a distance or get the implanted rebreather augmentation as doing this causes gas to leak from the tanks. Hacking the lab turret from the security terminal will also accomplish this.
  • Confront the chemist directly. If you get close enough to her, you will automatically enter a conversation, which can go a number of ways:
    • Using "dismantle" then "threaten", or "warn" then "moralize", will make her sound the alarm.
    • Using "dismantle" then "reason", or "warn" then "relent", will not make her sound the alarm, but she will not help you either.
    • Using "warn" then "confront" will make her sabotage it herself
    • If you have the CASIE aug, you can do "persuade" (under "dismantle"), then "reverse psychology" twice. You can then use "expert" which will get her to sabotage it herself, or "help" and she will give you the codes and biocells to do it yourself.

Once you have chosen your path and emptied the tanks, the mission will complete.


  • A person visually resembling the owner of the Hlavní apartment 202, John Dubnyk, can be taken out, but there are no lootable items on his body.


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