Negozio di Magia (Italian for "shop of magic") is a store run by Liborio Barbadoro located in Čistá Čtvrť, a district of Prague.


The store contains an assortment of items relating to magic performance, including books and props. Many copies of Magie pro Začátečníky (Czech for "magic for beginners") can be found in the store. The store also displays posters of Liborio's Exploration of the Mind, a magic show that was originally performed by Liborio together with Richard Smallhorn.

Liborio can be found at the store during the first and second visits to Prague.

Voltar 3000Edit

Voltar 3000 is a fortune teller machine featured in the store. Paying 250 Credit symbol will permit the player to receive a message from Voltar. Upon paying the credits, there is a small chance that Voltar will vend a credit chip with a few hundred credits, or Voltar's Card, which turns out to be a black jack of hearts.

His quotes seemingly reference where you are in sidequest, the main quest, and general player behavior. For instance, upon usage, Voltar says 'you bring destruction wherever you travel,' and you just so happen to play a needlessly violent Adam, he'll play the social battle icebreaker sound, and either reward the black Jack of Hearts, or a small sum of credits (200-540). If you've completed Helle's sidequest successfully, and he says 'someone you lost is watching over you,' the same will happen. His quote selection is random, and getting a quote about a future mission before you complete it will not reward any credits, nor have a chance of getting the card, but repeated use of him will eventually prompt the reward or item.

Negozio di magia voltar

Voltar 3000

Voltar's quotes (partial list):

  • The collective mind is broken. Nothing prepared us.
  • You should speak with your father.
  • Stop thinking and start feeling, your heart knows the truth.
  • Change is difficult, but rewarding.
  • People are less scared of dying than losing independence.
  • What you seek is hidden in plain sight.
  • The man who that buries himself in his work, soon finds that he cannot breathe.
  • The past is catching up to you.
  • Your love awaits, somewhere.
  • A mute man is never who he says he is.
  • You will face grave danger.
  • You are not alone. Or are you?
  • The future is still unwritten.
  • Peace cannot always be achieved by peaceful means.
  • The black Jack of hearts is wild. But you knew that already.
  • Do you know what truly happened?
  • Someone you lost is watching over you.
  • The diligent man reaches his goals.
  • You bring destruction where ever you travel.
  • Trust very few.
  • I cannot be certain.
  • Spring is never far behind winter, no matter how long the latter may seem.
  • Some version of you is perfect. You are not her.
  • Some version of you is perfect. You are not him.
  • Watch out behind you.
  • She is thinking of you right now.
  • Never answer a question that no one asked.
  • Your future is unclear.
  • Try being more spontaneous, people find you predictable.
  • Wise sayings are as useful as autumn leaves.
  • Never enter an affair with the android wife of a richer man.
  • You know that the truth is a lie. Let it go and be free.
  • The shadows of danger loom toward you.
  • Your future was your own doing.
  • We are who we are, regardless of outside observation.
  • The only thing more dangerous than a question is an answer.

Notable Items Edit

  • 1 vial of Neuropozyne is located in the basement.
  • The story item, Voltar's Card, which is a black jack of hearts. This item has no known in-game use. A black jack of hearts is not a card in the standard deck, since hearts is a red suit rather than a black suit.


  • Voltar 3000 is based on Zoltar, a fortune telling machine in Big, a 1988 American fantasy comedy film.

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