Natural Born Pacifist is an achievement in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is awarded for completing the game without killing anyone.

Strategy Edit

The aim is to complete the game without killing anyone directly. Therefore avoid combat whenever possible and adopt a stealth approach. Invest in weapons & augmentations wisely to enable a pacifist playthrough. When dealing with enemies, ideally use only non-lethal takedowns and the stun gun. The crossbow can also be used but it must be equipped with non-lethal tranq darts. Concussion & EMP grenades/mines are particularly handy when in combat, the latter especially against robots and turrets.

Notes Edit

  • It is virtually impossible to get this achievement on the first playthrough since the crossbow used (to dispatch the guards per Jaron Namir's orders) at the beginning of the game is equipped with lethal ammo. The player additionally does not have any other weapon, cannot purchase anything and cannot use takedowns at this point in the game. Therefore on the second playthrough, acquire the non-lethal Tranquilization Dart modification, attach it to the crossbow and use to get the achievement.
    • This has since been fixed via a patch. The crossbow used at this point is now equipped with non-lethal darts by default.
  • Because enemies disappear within seconds of being taken out, it can be quite a hassle to ascertain whether they were knocked out or killed.
    • However, because their bodies do not lie around, knocked out enemies pose no risk of being killed accidentally.
  • Unfortunately if you lock out the achievement by accident, unless you are aware that you did so and reload an old save, there is no indication that you have done so and may end up playing through the game and not get the achievement due to killing a character earlier in the game.
  • It is completely possible to complete all side quests in the game and still receive this achievement.
  • The use of weapons will NOT nullify the achievement, provided the enemy survives.
  • Destroying turrets and robots does not count against this achievement; only humans do.