The nanoformer bot is a special type of maintenance bot in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


Given its use of nanites to clean the environment of toxic waste and others problems, it was probably created between 2052 and 2072. It's certainly rare and its price compared to other bots must be very high. JC Denton also used this bot to repair the Statue of Liberty.


A large hovering maintenance bot capable of distributing nanites to the atmosphere and cleaning out toxins. It's only used for purifying the air of toxic fumes and other environmental problems. Nanoformer bots are non-aggressive and serve no combat purpose.


  • Seattle Inclinator, in the room before the inclinator and after the player activates the launch of the air purification. It disappears as soon as the player leaves the inclinator after the purification.
  • Cairo Arcology, in the Nanoformer room.


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