Nada Birak has a 3rd-floor apartment in the alley right across from the Temp Tacle building (which is just opposite his Cigar Lounge) in the Red Light District. The apartment has a computer with one e-mail and a security rating of 1. Reading this e-mail will allow the player to get Birak to sell to them.

Getting to his apartment Edit

It's a little tougher to get to his apartment than most. There are two trash cans in the alley: Use one to get on the arch between Temp Tacle and his building. Throw the other trashcan up onto the arch. Now you can stand on the second trashcan and jump up to his apartment.

E-mail Edit

RE: Merry Xmas from Poland Edit

From: joseph.ok@tmail.mail
To: sonofagunada@genmail.mail

Jesus Christ. I warned you, didn't I? 30% is nuts but it's preferable to getting killed.
We make a good team but if I get a visit from some Georgian meathead with a baseball bat, you can be sure I'm going to tell him what good friends we are so you don't miss the party.

From: sonofagunada@genmail.mail
To: joseph.ok@tmail.mail
Subject: RE: Merry Xmas from Poland

Joseph, we have a problem. My contact in customs was bringing the stuff to my place and ran into the Dvalis. He ditched the shipment before they grabbed him but l don't know where. The fucking assholes didn't find anything on him but still must have smelled something was up. He's breathing through a tube in Prague General right now. I think they know someone's dealing out of their bullshit rules but if they knew who I was I'd be dead already. I'm pissed at losing the hardware but until my guy wakes up (if) we're going to have to sit tight. I can't send you any credits to grease the wheels until later so you'll need to stall on your end or something.

From: joseph.ok@tmail.mail
To: sonofagunada@genmail.mail
Subject: Merry Xmas from Poland

Nada - I got a gooood shipment for you on the way. We busted a warehouse belonging to an Aug separatist sympathizer and seized a good haul of weapons. Still nothing on any Lancers, Fulgurs - or a DevestatorsicIcon sic. You weren't kidding when you said they were rare. Still, this is a good one. My promotion to Deputy Inspector came at just the right time for us to be rich men.

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