This article is about the revolver in Mankind Divided. For the Human Revolution revolver, see Diamond Back .357.

The Mustang Arms .357 Magnum is a weapon in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The Mustang Arms .357 Magnum is a derivative of the Diamond Back .357, featuring an enhanced trigger group, bore and optimized cylinder to allow for a faster fire rate, more accurate shot placement, quicker reloads and larger magazine size overall. The slightly lowered damage is a rather marginal trade off, all considering.

It is a dependable backup weapon, being reasonably accurate at most ranges despite not having a scope to tackle distant targets. Dealing solid damage values per bullet, it can reliably down most lightly-armored enemies with one to two bodyshots, or single shots to the head. Its crosshair bloom is rather minimal and the recoil can be comfortably controlled after a bit of getting used to. Fitting a laser sight to the weapon can help with aiming in areas with poor lighting.

All in all, the Mustang Arms .357 is a good weapon to use against smaller groups of light foes, but its potential is substantially reduced when the player is mobbed, faced with armored enemies, or both. Ammo is also a rather pressing issue as even basic .357 ammunition are rather scarce and pricey, thus requiring the player to be accurate in order to make the most out of the weapon.


  • The standard edition revolver has a maximum range of 55 meters.
  • An unupgraded standard edition revolver will be added to the player's inventory during MM1: Black Market Buy if the short-ranged lethal method of engagement is picked.
  • The standard revolver is the only variant that is compatible with the more common standard revolver ammunition.
  • There are 10 rounds of EMP revolver ammunition available in the very last mission of the game, hidden away in one of the office drawers on the way towards rescuing the delegates. However, no known weapon can load them.

Variants Edit

Classic .357 Magnum RevolverEdit

  • Included as part of the Classic Gear DLC, available as a free download, and can be acquired for inventory storage at anytime during the game.
  • Has the highest per shot damage once fully upgraded, but it has the lowest accuracy, slowest base rate of fire, and slowest reload speed.
  • Only accepts Armor Piercing rounds.
  • Has a maximum range of 50 meters.

Otar's .357 Magnum RevolverEdit

  • A custom-made revolver and trusty sidearm of Otar Botkoveli. Can be looted from his body after killing or knocking him out, either on the 1st day in Prague inside his casino, or during the 3rd night inside the Dvali theater.
  • It is the only sidearm that can use a scope, coming pre-equipped with a 4x scope. It is the most accurate variant, has the highest base damage, and has the least recoil, but has the smallest magazine, lowest max rate of fire, and cannot be upgraded.
  • Only accepts Armor Piercing rounds.
  • Has a maximum range of 65 meters, the longest of the three revolver variants.

Tips Edit

  • 357 AP ammunition is the rarest non-grenade ammunition in the game; roughly 180 such bullets can be found, and fully half of them must be purchased.
  • The revolver with AP ammunition is an extremely powerful weapon.
    • Revolver AP ammunition is the most powerful ammunition against turrets, robots, and other hard targets such as metal doors.
    • Revolver AP is also very effective against personnel. Without upgrades, a single body shot is enough to kill low-tier unarmored opponents. Fully upgraded, a single body shot is capable of killing opponents "veteran" level Shadow Operatives. Only fully armored police, 'elite' level shadow ops and ARC soldiers, as well as exosuits can tank more than two body shots. So while you may not have a lot of bullets, you really won't need that many, either.


  • The Mustang Arms .357 was likely inspired by the Dardick tround concept.
  • The Classic and Otar's .357 variants has the upgraded barrel of the explosive rounds kit from Human Revolution, but fire Armor Piercing bullets instead. "Diamond Back .357, MA-HEX20" is written above the barrel and "MA-HEX20, High Ex/Incendiary, Tracer" is written below the barrel.
  • The Classic .357 can hold up to 9 rounds, 2 more than its counterpart in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  • The classic revolver's description claims that the increase damage stems of having a larger barrel. The weapon itself doesn't have a larger barrel than its more common counterpart. In real life, having a larger barrel would greatly decrease the accuracy and power of the weapon, as the round would have room to bounce against the sides of the barrel, allowing energy to pass around it, before tumbling out of the barrel.


Case studiesEdit

Upgrade optionsEdit



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