Murder He Wrote is a secret achievement/trophy in the System Rift expansion for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is awarded for collecting the four pieces of evidence about Simona Saridakis' murder from the Palisade Blade.


Before entering the Blade, you must first talk to Niko Saridakis on the steps of the building and listen to what he has to say about his wife's death. Although talking to him does not initiate a side mission, it is necessary to trigger the optional objective later on.

Completing the achievement requires finding four pieces of evidence:

  • The first piece of evidence can be found on the computer of Leona Rosolova, located in her office on level 3 of the Blade. Read the email "Server Chamber Error," which contains information related to Simona's death.
  • The second piece of evidence is on level 5, in the office of Palisade's CEO, Ashani Talwar. Read an e-mail on Ashani Talwar's computer to find the clue.
  • The third piece of evidence is located in the Blade's server farm. Navigate to this part of the building and search chamber 209. This room is filled with toxic gas, but it can be turned off using a valve in the room leading into chamber 209. At the back of 209, partially hidden, is a pocket secretary containing an unsent message written by Simona. Finding and reading it gives you the third piece of evidence.
  • The fourth and final piece is required to progress in the main mission, and is located in the office of Palisade's CTO, Masaaki Oshiro. It is a pocket secretary hidden behind a pair of boxes on one of the desks. The pocket secretary contains an audio recording and transcript.


  • The title of the achievement references the television show Murder, She Wrote, about an amateur detective and mystery writer.