The Motor City Bangers (MCB) are a major street gang in Detroit during the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Black Light.


The Motor City Bangers are one of the warring gangs in Detroit, along with the Derelict Row Ballers (DRB).

Although massively outnumbered by the DRB, the MCB are heavily mechanically augmented and thus possess far superior abilities. They are much better equipped than the DRB, with many of their members using shotguns and combat rifles.

A corrupt cop, Jack O'Malley, attempts to spark a full on gang war between the MCB and DRB. He tries to hire a hitman to kill a MCB member, Double-T (who had also witnessed O'Malley murdering a drug dealer), and have the hitman plant the murder weapon in DBR territory. O'Malley unwittingly "hired" Adam Jensen, who instead knocked out the members of MCB living in Earl's Court so that the Detroit Police Department could bring Double-T to testify against O'Malley.

In the wake of the Aug Incident, which hit Detroit hard, MCB made their move against DRB, and established themselves as the ruling criminal element. In 2029, the MCB had been raiding the now abandoned Sarif Industries facilities.They broke into the abandoned Milwaukee Junction manufacturing plant, targeting prototype military augmentations still stored at the plant. Despite suffering losses during the operation (including the arrest of Cali, cousin of the MCB leader: Magnet) thanks to Jensen attempting to stop them just minutes before at assault by Task Force 29, they managed to load a large shipping container with stolen augments and escape to the Detroit airport.

The MCB attempted to sell the stolen augments (minus a few choice pieces they took for themselves) to an ex-Belltower turned gun runner named Sheppard. The deal fell through when the hanger was attacked by Task Force 29 and Jensen. Most of the MCB present at the deal, including Magnet, were killed.


  • Being mechanically augmented themselves, they are initially friendly to augmented people like Adam Jensen, unless they are attacked (in contrast to the Derelict Row Ballers, who are openly hostile to all augment users).
  • Despite being augmented themselves, they are not above calling someone else a "hanzer" when provoked.
  • Their gang color is yellow.
  • The MCB's mechanical augmentations are usually yellow painted or gold plated, which is possibly a reference to "bling" fashion.
  • In Deus Ex: Black Light, Jensen states that most MCBs have low-grade TYM athletic augmentations.
  • It's implied that the MCB are who supplied Jacob White with his gas bomb. Jacob White was a former MCB member, an MCB informant tells Detroit Police that the bomb came from a government weapons stash hidden in Highland Park, a couple MCB members can be found hanging out in Highland Park, and FEMA has a secret detention camp underneath the area.

Trivia Edit

  • Gangs are traditionally organized around ethnicity and/or nationality. The MCB is formed around being augmented, which is seen as a new type of ethnicity in the series.


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