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The Motor City Bangers are a major street gang in Detroit in 2027.


The Motor City Bangers are one of the warring gangs in Detroit, along with the Derelict Row Ballers. Their gang color is yellow.

Although massively outnumbered by the Ballers, the Bangers are heavily mechanically augmented and thus possess far superior abilities. They are much better equipped than the Ballers, with many of their members using shotguns and combat rifles.

In the wake of the Aug Incident, which hit Detroit hard, MCB made their move against DRB, and established themselves as the ruling criminal element. The gang was decimated by TF29 during their attempt to smuggle Sarif Industries technology out of Detroit. Curiously, without the MCB's reign of terror, the city fell into even more anarchy and chaos.


  • Being mechanically augmented themselves, they are initially friendly to augmented people like Jensen, (in contrast to the Derelict Row Ballers, who are openly hostile to all augment users or "hanzers") before being fired upon.
  • The Bangers' mechanical augmentations are usually yellow painted or gold plated, which is possibly a reference to "bling" fashion.
  • While gangs are traditionally organized around ethnicity and/or nationality, this does not seem to be the case with MCB, or their rival DRB, as they both seem to be multi-ethnic. The line seems to go between augmented and non-augmented.


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