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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

M2: Morning Comes Too Soon is the second main mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and the first to take place in Prague. Adam Jensen wakes up in his apartment 30 hours after experiencing the bombing of Růžička Station. It is the shortest mission in the game, having only a single objective.

Primary objectiveEdit

Regroup before heading outEdit

Adam will wake up to find a number of his augmentations are malfunctioning. He contacts his Juggernaut Collective ally Alex Vega to discuss how they are after the bombing. Once this infolink conversation is over, you are free to explore Adam's apartment. To actually complete the objective, all that is needed is to walk out the front door, although there are things that you can check out before leaving:

  • Interacting with the blinds in Jensen's room prompts his "smart home" AI to tell him he has a message from David Sarif.
    • You can return Sarif's call by selecting "Call Sarif" on the remote control for the television. The television is in the living room.
  • There is a secret compartment under the floor boards just in front of the windows in his bedroom. In it, you can find How Not to Get Yourself Killed, which is an eBook that needs to be read to get the Tablet Collector achievement. A triangle code can also be found here.
  • It is possible to interact with the shower to trigger a scene where Jensen washes himself, although this is not required to complete the mission.
  • In the living room there is another eBook on the table, Juggernaut Collective (Interpol Case File 679310), and one more on the kitchen counter, In Terror Firma.
  • Jensen has a secret stash in the wall, as well as a hidden safe. The stash can be opened via Jensen's computer by telling the AI to open it. The safe is hidden under a painting that needs to be interacted with to reveal it.

Once you leave the apartment, Jensen will be contacted by his Task Force 29 boss Jim Miller, and will also talk to Václav Koller about his augmentations. This triggers your next two objectives: visit Koller in The Time Machine to fix your augmentations, and check in to your workplace, Task Force 29 Headquarters.

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