Missing Junkie is a side quest in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is obtained by talking to a woman outside the underground clinic in the slums.


Luis, an ex-military addict, started working for the Skulls in return for Neuropozyne.Now he's gone missing and his girlfriend is looking for him. Find Luis.

Primary ObjectivesEdit

Find LuisEdit

Get inside the Drug Den in the slums. You can try the front entrance but it will be crawling with gangmembers. The less crowded alternative is the west entrance to the Drug Den located in the southwest corner of the slums.

Once inside, head to the second floor and access the drug lab. Inside the lab, there will be a couple of guards patrolling the central area. Luis is in a room in the northwest section--the place is full of shelves stacked with body bags. Look for an augmented leg and take it.

Bad NewsEdit

Return to Luis' girlfriend in the slums. You can choose to be 'Harsh' or 'Gentle' in delivering the news to her. The 'Harsh' option will lower her persuasion level and you will receive no reward. Choosing the 'Gentle' option makes Saxon sympathize with her plight and will clinch you a tranquilizer modification for the crossbow.


  • The quest is available only after you talk to Alvarez Araujo for the first time. 
  • Rejecting the woman's offer for help is a point of no return. You won't be able to get the quest from her later. 

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