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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Miloš Awadalla is a policeman with the Czech state police, and is the subject of the Mystery Stalker point of interest, which is available during the second visit to Prague. Miloš has a second-level apartment near Sobchak Security.

Biography Edit

Miloš survived the bombing of Růžička Station, but was traumatized by the loss of life caused by the event. As a result, Miloš was temporarily removed from active duty so that he could receive therapy. One of Miloš's colleagues believes that he is suffering from "survivor's guilt" as a result of having seen others die in the attack while he survived relatively unharmed.

Just before the bombing, Miloš saw Adam Jensen and Alex Vega at the station. After the attack, Miloš came to the misguided conclusion that they were responsible for it and began to construct a small investigation board in his apartment, complete with photographs of the two augs. Included on this investigation board was a map that showed he intended to ambush Jensen near Rose's Garden.

Jensen can confront Miloš at the rooftop of Rose's Garden after discovering the photographs in Miloš' apartment.

Notes Edit

  • Visiting his apartment during the second visit to Prague and interacting with the photos on the investigation board initiates the "Mystery Stalker" POI. The POI leads Jensen to the rooftop of Rose's Garden, where Miloš can be confronted. If Jensen fails to persuade Miloš to back down, Miloš will attack.

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