"A first-aid kit."
- Deus Ex decription
Medkits are first-aid kits designed for use in the field. Nano-augmented agents can let the nanomachines in their body metabolise the contents to efficiently heal damaged body parts.

Deus ExEdit


Medkit in Deus Ex

"The nanomachines of an augmented agent will automatically metabolize the contents of a medkit to efficiently heal damaged areas. An agent with medical training could greatly expedite this process."

In Deus Ex, medkits are single-use item that takes 1 inventory space and can be stacked up to 15. A medkit can be used from the tool belt, in the inventory, or in the "Health" interface in the Datavault. Number of HP restored relies on the agent's Medicine skill, and it can heal 30, 60, 75 or 90 health points.

Deus Ex: Invisible WarEdit


Medkit in Deus Ex: Invisible War

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In Deus Ex: Invisible War, medkits vary from their previous versions - they cannot be used instantly. Using a medkit will display first-person animation of the player injecting the medkit in his veins and then healing is received.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Edit

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