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The Medina Apartments are a hotel complex in Old Cairo. They are home to most residents of the Medina, and are located across the street from the Order Mosque.


  • Maskini Nassif, owner of the Nassif Greenhouse lives in the second floor apartment. On the second visit to Cairo, his daughter Eeva will also be staying here.
  • The Omar have both a Trader and an armed guard selling products in a small hallway overlooking the street. Leo Jankowski will be here on the players first visit, but on the second visit he will be in the street.
  • The Knights Templar rent the third floor on both of the player's visits. On the first, they will be spying on the Omar and plotting a raid on them. On the second visit, if Silas Archer is still alive, him and another Paladin will be staying here, plotting another raid on the Nassif family apartment.
  • A Biomod Harvester and his bodyguard Tariq are on the first floor. The harvester is behind a permanently locked gate, but the player can crawl through a shaft at the order hologram broadcast to the left of the Apartments.

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