The Matsu-Gravas R-118 Repair Bot is a type of repair bot developed by Matsu-Gravas that appears in Deus Ex. It is replaced by the Piezochem W31V Repair Bot in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


"The Matsu-Gravas R-118 is characteristic of all bots in the M-G repair line, an autonomous unit capable of a wide range of repair, maintenance, and construction tasks. By default, the R-118 is equipped with a Kroya 'Searchlight 3' argon laser attached to the standard M-G IRL arm; Chiang optics and visual processing; a self-recharging bioelectric battery; wireless command control; and 16GB of internal memory for a superior amount of task customization at an affordable price. The bioelectric interface adheres to the same LITE standard pioneered by M-G and adopted by most other companies around the world, allowing all units in the R-line to act as mobile bioelectric rechargers if necessary..."


These useful little mechs will charge your bio-energy (up to 75% of your maximum capacity per use). You can use a repair bot any number of times, but they require one minute of recharge time between uses. This repair bot is always friendly (it only becomes hostile if the player attacks it first but it will not hurt him/her). This bot is useful when the player does not have a bioelectric cell in his/her inventory and is running out of bioenergy.


  • Morgan Everett's residence, below the room where Morgan Everett resides.
  • UNATCO Armory (only reachable on player's final visit to UNATCO)
  • Supply shed outside of UNATCO.
  • Tracer Tong's Laboratory.
  • On a large boat in Hong Kong. (Referenced by a DataCube onboard, found by finding a hidden passageway to the engine room).


  • The bot is simply tagged as "Repair-bot" in-game.

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