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Dr. Martine Onziema is a doctor in Golem City and will ask for any spare Neuropozyne from Adam Jensen shortly after he arrives in the city.

Background Edit

Onziema respects Talos Rucker and therefore supports the Augmented Rights Coalition. She explains that she met Rucker when they were working as humanitarian aid volunteers in India and believes in his philosophy that, given time, people will eventually do the right thing.

However, she is not completely optimistic. If Jensen mentions that where he came from, cops are supposed to be the good guys, she will scoff at this and say cops have always been bad and worse in Golem City as they will arrest anyone they deemed fit, seeing all augmented people as ARC members, and hold onto much of the Neuropozyne, keeping the available amount in the city artificially low. She also voices her suspicion of Jensen if he further questions her on Rucker, though this can be waved off as just being curious.

Notes Edit

  • It is unclear where Onziema is from as she speaks in a more American accent than Eastern European. She may have voluntarily chosen to come to Golem City to help, or was caught without the proper papers and sent while traveling.
  • Even if you have a lot of Neuropozyne to give, you can only give her one, and after that, will not have the option to give her anymore.

References Edit

  1. She says "us augs" in a dialogue with Jensen.

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