This project aims to coordinate the efforts to create detailed, high-quality maps for the levels of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, based on maps featured in the game's UI.


Putting a map from the game to the wiki is a multi-step process:

1. Extaction from the game: This currently involves taking screenshots of the game while having the in-game map open. The possibility of extracting the data directly from the game files is currently unknown. The screenshots are taken in .png format, using FRAPS .

2. Assembling the screenshots into a single picture. This was done using the GIMP editor program.

3. Annotating the map with extra information, such as location of collectibles, enemies, vents, etc. This was done using Paint.NET .

4. Converting the working files (.psd, .xcf, .pdn ) into wiki-compatible .png format.

5. Uploading the file to the wiki, and placing it into the correct categories:

6. Adding or linking the image to relevant articles. Note that because of their large size, most of these map images has to set up so clicking on the image on the page opens the full-size image directly. This means that whenever one of these images is updated, all of their appearances in articles has to be updated as well.


Abbreviations: y -- yes; p -- work in progress

Area Name Pics taken Map assembled Annot. added Uploaded - blank Uploaded - annot. Linked articles
Dubai 1 Y Y - needs cleanup Y - needs cleanup
Dubai 2 Y Y - needs cleanup Y - needs cleanup
Dubai 3 y Y - needs cleanup Y - needs cleanup
33 Hlavni Apts. y y y y y 33 Hlavní Apartments
Capek Station y y y y y Čapek Fountain Station
Chikane's Place y y p y (blank map link added)
Church of the Machine God y y y (blank map link added)
Dvali Apts. y y y y
Dvali Sewers y y y y
Dvali Theater y y y
Eastern Sewers y y p y y (blank map link added)
Libuse Apts. y y p y y
Monument Station y y y y y Monument Station
Neon party y y y y y
Palisade Bank & Garage y y p y y
Palisade Station y y y y y Palisade Station
Pilgrim Station and sewer y y y y y Pilgrim Station
Prague overmap y y p y y
Prekazka Sewers y y - needs cleanup ?? p y y
Ruzicka Station y y - needs cleanup y - needs cleanup
TF29 HQ y y p y
The Red Queen y y y y
The Time Machine y y y y y The Time Machine; Getting in Top Shape Again
Tourist Center y y p y
Underpath y y y y y
Western Sewers y y p y y Čistá Čtvrť sewers
Zelen Apts. y y y y y Zeleň Apartments (03 WIP)
Mir Flats / Stedry Market y y y y y The Rucker Extraction
The Throat y y y y y The Rucker Extraction
RVAC Row y y y y y The Rucker Extraction
Ridit Station y y y y y The Rucker Extraction
Ty Zahrada y y y y y The Rucker Extraction
GARM - Starting Area y y y
GARM - Main Area y y y
DESPERATE MEASURES -- Tarvos HQ y y y y y Experience by area (DXMDDM);

Desperate Measures

Blade Station
Blade Plaza
Klimova Apts.
Blade Entrance Interior
Blade Offices
Server Rooms
Server Rooms 2
Penthouse overmap y y
Cell Block A y
Cell Block B y
Courtyards y
Processing y
Solitary Bridge y??
Solitary y
Admin. Yard y
Admin. Building y
The Tower y

Project ParticipantsEdit

If you want to participate in the project, leave a comment below, or otherwise contact the current participants. Wass12  20:08, June 26, 2017 (UTC)

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