"Mako Ballistics is the premiere manufacturer of firearms, from small conventional pistols to cutting edge high-tech weaponry."
- Deus Ex: Invisible War description

Mako Ballistics is a major arms manufacturer after the Collapse. They have a facility on the outskirts of Seattle in 2072.


Since the invention of universal ammo, Mako Ballistics became the world's largest supplier of firearms, manufacturing almost all guns available in the world. Advertisements for Mako products can also be heard on the news terminals. Mako is a corporation without ideological leanings, but its laboratories are being infiltrated or investigated by various factions because of their strategic importance. A gray can be found captive in their premises, enduring radiation exposure tests, apparently to determine its level of resistance. The company was also behind the creation of the Mag Rail, and unknowingly played host to an ApostleCorp cell. Mako Ballistics's motto is "You can make it with Mako".

Known productsEdit