"The mag rail produces a powerful energy beam. In alt-fire mode, it is an EMP attack that can be fired through walls and other solid objects, striking the target without damaging the intervening objects."
- Deus Ex: Invisible War description
Mag rail IW

The Mag Rail is an energy weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


The Mag Rail is an experimental energy weapon produced and supervised by Dr. Patton, the Mag Rail Project Manager for Mako Ballistics. It was launched in 2072 just after Alex Denton comes in the Seattle Mako Ballistics Facility.


The gun has two fire modes and fires a high-density energy beam boasting high damage and accuracy, omitting any damage resistance. Primary fire mode is excellent against living tissue, with secondary fire mode being extremely efficient against those susceptible to EMP attacks and capable of shooting through static scenery, including walls, doors, containers and similar. Both firing modes consume medium amount of ammunition per shot and have a noticeable cool down time.


  • There is a significant cool down time between shots, so installing the Refire rate mod is advisable.
  • The secondary attack will shutdown the cameras and turrets without setting off the alarm, as well as hit targets through multiple doors, walls or boxes.
  • A level 3 Vision Enhancement aug makes it possible to to see everything in a level, which works very well with the alternate fire's ability to pierce through walls. With Vision Enhancement and the Mag Rail, the player can defeat foes in a room without ever having to enter it.
  • Equipping the Ammo scavenger mod is also useful, as the weapon consumes a good amount of ammo per shot, no matter what firing mode is used.



  • The weapon exists in some form in many first person shooter games, namely Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, where a walkthrough pointed out that it is in so many games because it is so fun to use.
  • Its ability to shoot through walls, makes it a likely technological successor to the laser rifle.