MJ12 Commando

The MJ12 Obsidian power armor is a suit of power armor used by MJ12 Commandos in 2052.


The final version was probably created in 2052 for Majestic 12 by Mark Bates, the project leader, in the Hong Kong and Zurich laboratories for riot control, NBC battlefields and the protection of important MJ12 facilities. They are powered by standard Bioelectric cells.


MJ12 Obsidian power armor features:

  • An Integrated rebreather, making them invulnerable to aerosol, gas weapons or toxicological attack.
  • Heat-dispersing microcore foam, negating heat damage from flame and plasma attacks.
  • Ballistic shielding, providing significant protection from small arms fire.
  • Two 7.62mm machine guns and short range rocket launchers.
  • Various scanning devices, including radar and thermal vision (Thermoptic camo will not make the user invisible to them).

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