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MCB Gang Leader is a character and merchant in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

He and two members of his gang are encountered in Highland Park, right after the arrival. Adam Jensen can ask him about the area, and buy a couple of items. He'll say that the area is currently occupied by unknown Spec Ops soldiers, later revealed to be part of Belltower Associates.

His wares include Target-Leading System upgrade for the crossbow and tranquilizer rifle, some ammunition and a grenade pack consisting of one gas and EMP grenades.


  • He is never named in the game. The interaction window identifies him simply as MCB Gang Leader.
  • The MCB Gang Leader and Grayson are the only arms dealers that do not wear brooches on their chest.
  • He is the only merchant in the game who does not use a computer for trading. Instead, the trading action resembles one found in the original Deus Ex game.

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