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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Máša Kadlek is the matriarch of a rival Dvali gang and sees to the day to day operations of the Red Queen.

Background Edit

Máša used to be on good terms with Radich Nikoladze and the rest of the Dvali until one of her sons, Dominik, joined with Nikoladze's group instead of falling in line with his mother's wish: to be married off to a woman who would be very useful to the family and strengthen their connections. She then cut off contact with Nikoladze, refusing to speak to him until he returned Dominik.

At one point, Otar Botkoveli loaned money to Dominik to gain favor with Máša, not realizing she did not know or approve of this, worsening their relationship as a result.[1]

If Adam Jensen made a deal with Otar, he will send him to go speak to her about Dominik and she will task Jensen with sneaking into the safehouse and retrieving her son. Doing this will help Otar secure alliances so he can then take over the Dvali.


  • Despite being a highly important figure in the local Dvali branch, Máša laments her inability to oust Nikoladze and assume command due to her Czech roots.
    • If helped out with her personal favor, however, she will back Otar and assist him in his efforts to remove Nikoladze.
  • Her son Antonín serves as the bartender on the third floor of the Red Queen. An unnamed son also works there as head of security.

Gallery Edit


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