Lucky Dot is a Chinese-owned convenience store chain in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Black Light. By 2029 the stores have "popped up on every street corner like a plastic and neon fungus."[1] The stores are staffed by robots and are open 24 hours.

The corporate mascot is a cartoonish cat and its likeness is used for the robot shopkeepers which are installed in all Lucky Dot locations. The robot cats are mounted behind the counter on a rail, with chubby telescopic arms, a fat body, and a video screen for a head. They are capable of speech to communicate with customers. The robots resemble giant toys and are usually grimy, battered, and covered in graffiti. The robot shopkeepers have a limited artificial intelligence subroutine and are monitored and controlled by human operators in Guangzhou, China.[2]

Advertising for Lucky Dot is visible in Detroit and Hengsha in Deus Ex: Human Revolution though no actual Lucky Dot locations are accessible in-game.

Appearances Edit

Lucky Dot makes a notable appearance in Deus Ex: Black Light as Adam Jensen takes shelter in a Detroit branch to evade a police drone. Inside the robot shopkeeper is hacked by Garvin Quinn to contact Jensen to offer the aid of the Juggernaut Collective to intercept a train carrying stolen mil-spec augments from Sarif Industries.

Known Products Edit

It can be assumed that Lucky Dot's merchandise is typical of any convenience store chain and the branches feature automated coffee vendors. One variety of coffee, Lan Ri RealTaste Synthetic CoffeEsque, is described as "mud-colored and tasteless."[3]

References Edit

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