Lower Seattle is the bottom portion of Seattle in 2072. After Seattle's land charter with the WTO was signed in 2071, most wealthy people either moved into the Enclave, were killed in the rioting, or left the city. All of Seattle not under WTO control is usually referred to as Lower Seattle. The two cities are exact opposites, in that the Enclave has futuristic architecture and more advanced technology, while lower Seattle resembles a 20th century city suffering from severe urban decay. Most upper Seattle citizens are wealthy, while lower Seattle mostly consists of thugs and black market dealers. Lower Seattle has been infested with transgenics, as residents regularly capture, train, and host fights to the death between greasels (locally called "gobs"). In addition, two karkians currently live in the sewers.


  • Lower half of the Inclinator.
  • Greasel Pit, a bar that holds greasel fights in its basement.
  • Heron's Loft Apartments, an apartment complex owned by Sophia Sak, a local thug. Lin-May Chen asks the player to kill Sak, and Sid Black asks the player to take his jet back from her. The local Queequeg's manager lives here, along with a greasel trainer and her best greasel, Gob-zilla.
  • The Seattle Queequeg's store is located in the lower part of the city.
  • An Omar Trader and his bodyguard sell black market products in an alley beside Queequeg's.
  • The abandoned Hartford Turbine factory now houses the Seattle branch of The Order.


  • Most residents of Lower Seattle treat Enclave citizens with great contempt, and refer to them as "scabs".
  • Lower Seattle is similar to the slums of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII, (another Square Enix game) while Upper Seattle resembles the plate.

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