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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package
Louis Gallois is a merchant in Golem City, who primarily deals in weapons. However, this is a front as he is really one of Radich Nikoladze's pakhan.

Background Edit

Louis Gallois is the proprietor of Gallois Fine Mercantile in the Útulek Complex in 2029.

Although professionally he would appear as a French merchant, this is an alias, one that he's not doing a very good job convincing Jensen of, as the latter will point out due to his obviously fake accent.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedEdit

If SM04: The Calibrator is done where you make a deal with Otar, he will task Adam Jensen to deal with Gallois however he deems fit in M7: The Rucker Extraction. When pressed about why Otar wants him out of the picture, Gallois reveals he is one of two pakhan, a spy that keeps tabs on the lieutenant, Otar, so he will not make a move against Nikoladze, their boss. With the other spy, Konstantine Zoidze, now dead from the Růžička Station bombing, Otar just needs to deal with Gallois and he can move to take over the Dvali.

If spared, he will promise to get out of town as soon as possible while also "retiring" his Gallois persona. He will also inform Jensen that he has a triangular agreement going on with Václav Koller and Nikoladze. He supplies Neuropozyne for his boss, and Koller maintains Nikoladze's augmented leg, making Jensen the 5th person to know about it.

He is also one of the ways into ARC territory. If Jensen goes to him for help, he will task Jensen with recovering two confiscated boxes of Neuropozyne. Once recovered, he will unlock the back area of his shop, allowing Jensen access to The Throat via a ladder.

Gallois Fine MercantileEdit

Gallois is the merchant in Golem City that sells weapons and ammo.

Item Item Price, Credit symbol Quantity
4x Scope 1500 1
Silencer 1200 1
Combat Rifle 1450 1
10mm Pistol 950 1
Sniper Rifle 5250 1
Tranquilizer Rifle 4100 1
Battle Rifle 3250 1
Machine Pistol 1320 1
Tactical Shotgun 3180 3
Combat Rifle Regular Ammo (20) 300 3
Combat Rifle Armor Piercing Ammo (20) 700 3
Pistol Regular Ammo (15) 150 3
Pistol EMP Ammo (15) 300 3
Stun Gun Ammo (10) 800 3
Sniper Rifle Regular Ammo (10) 500 3
Sniper Rifle Armor Piercing Ammo (10) 1000 3
Tranquilizer Rifle Ammo (5) 500 2
Shotgun EMP Ammo (10) 450 3
Battle Rifle Regular Ammo (10) 250 3
Battle Rifle Armor Piercing Ammo (10) 500 3
Machine Pistol Regular Ammo (30) 120 3
Machine Pistol EMP Ammo (30) 480 3
Grenade Launcher Concussion Grenades (5) 900 1
Grenade Launcher EMP Grenades (5) 900 1
Grenade Launcher Frag Grenades (5) 900 1
Grenade Launcher Gas Grenades (5) 900 1
Typhoon Ammo (3) 1500 2
TESLA Cartridge (8) 1600 2
Nano-Blade Ammo (8) 1600 2

Notes Edit

  • If the player have been following through with Otar's favors up to the point of meeting with Gallois but decided not to kill him, then Václav Koller may be found murdered at one point in the future. This is apparently the result of an unaddressed bug, as some have reported otherwise.
    • Gallois' Neuropozyne fetch quest will be bypassed entirely should the player mention Otar's hit on him but allow him to go into hiding afterwards.
  • If you instead decide to kill him during Otar's favor, you will have to take him and his two bodyguards on.
    • If the player does not want to get their hands dirty, then provoking a fight with Gallois via dialogue and then retreating out to the surrounding neighborhood will have the nearby police officers kill him in their stead. All three will only be packing pistols, and are no match for the combat rifles and shotguns of the officers.
      • The cramped quarters of his shop may prove difficult to make a safe exit in time, though, unless the player is prepared for this eventuality beforehand. Dosing up on painkillers and hypostims may help survive the initial shots until one can reach the platform outside.
      • It would be advisable to purchase everything you'll likely need from his shop before doing this.

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