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This article is about the sniper rifle in Mankind Divided. For the Human Revolution sniper rifle, see Longsword 202 ERASER.

The Longsword II 203 ERSR is a weapon in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The Longsword II 203 ERSR is a modified version of the Longsword 202 ERASER, designed to provide better ergonomics and perfomance.

This model of the Sniper Rifle is boasts very high damage values per round, being able to drop most targets with a clean headshot, and possesses a rather high fire rate for a weapon of its size. In essence, it is comparable to a bigger and meaner version of the SB-762 Battle Rifle.

Being designed for long-ranged use, however, up close the Sniper Rifle is uncomfortable to use at best and hinderingly cumbersome at worst due to its fire rate, slow reload speed and big crosshair bloom. Unless fitted with a laser sight, it is also nearly incapable of landing accurate shots without aiming, which is not an easy task when suppressed by oncoming hostiles.

Last but not least, the Longsword II 203 ERSR is very, very big, taking up the same amount of space as its non-lethal sister, thus putting a limit on how many items Jensen can bring with him at any time.


  • The Sniper Rifle does not accept a suppressor, therefore it is not advisable to collect and spend crafting parts on if the player is attempting a stealth-focused playthrough.
    • It is still of practical value if the player has the Micro-Assembler augmentation unlocked and upgraded however as dismantling the Sniper Rifle will yield upwards of 70 crafting parts per unit.
  • Maintaining the weapon is a problem in and of itself as sniper rifle ammo packs are very hard to come by during gameplay, even more so than the already-scarce rounds for the Battle Rifle. On the occasions where they can be bought from a vendor, Sniper Rifle ammo packs are usually in short supply and expensive.


  • If left idle for too long, Jensen will start fiddling with the rifle scope's magnification adjustment knob, though this does not affect the zoom level when aiming back in later.



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