"A disposable lockpick. The tension wrench is steel, but appropriate needles are formed from fast congealing polymers.


- description of Lockpick, Deus Ex
The Lockpicks seen in Deus Ex are disposable tools made from steel and polymers. They can be used to bypass all but the most high-end nanolocks. All doors have two meters - a "lockpicking" meter and a meter for its physical integrity. Both meters have a percentage out of 100%, with one lockpick lowering the meter by a certain percentage. This percentage is determined by the player's Lockpicking skill. Some doors have an "infinite" meter, which means that the player cannot pick the lock, break the door down, or both. The player can hold up to 20 lockpicks in one inventory square.

"Here's what they don't tell you: despite the product literature, you can use a standard lockpick to bypass all but the most high-class nanolocks.





Lockpicks lower the lock's meter by a set percentage per lockpick, with this percentage growing larger at each successive level of lockpick skill.

  • At untrained: Each lockpick decreases lock strength by 10%
  • At trained: Each lockpick decreases lock strength by 25%
  • At advanced: Each lockpick decreases lock strength by 40%
  • At master: Each lockpick decreases lock strength by 75%


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