Libuše Apartments (pronounced ['lɪbʊʃɛ], LI-buw-sheh), also known as "old apartments" is an apartment complex in the Dávný District of Prague.

Overview Edit

Libuse apts 03 WIP

Annotated map of Libuše Apartments

The apartment complex has three levels - two apartment floors and the ground floor with a courtyard area.

The apartments are used by the following residents:

Two storage units are located in the courtyard:

  • During the third visit to Prague (martial law), Kazatel will be in the left-side storage unit.
  • The right-side storage unit is accessible by the keycode #5555 and is connected to Pilgrim Station.

Notable items Edit

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  • #85 (Johnny Gunn's):
    • eBook A., I on the bathroom floor (available to collect during the second visit to Prague).
    • Neuropozyne next to the toilet.
  • #94 (Picus') - The keycard to the Picus' corporate vault in Palisade Property Bank.
  • #96 (Nomad Staněk's)
    • Praxis kit inside a box on top of the kitchen counters.
    • eBook Tech-a-Tete Magazine.
    • A hidden room accessible by interacting with a nearby clock contains triangle code #21 and 2 Neuropozyne.

Trivia Edit

  • Libuše is a common Czech female given name that means "love", "lovable".

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