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Lee Geng Research Update/Progress Status Report is an ingame eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It can be found in laboratory A-4 in Tai Yong Medical's upper city labs.

Transcript Edit

1. Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis: model 6543.01--"Jaguar"

• Built on framework of polymers and lightweight alloys
• Electro-stimulated plastic cables mimic and greatly strengthen muscle tissue feedback and action
• Developing motor-dynamic system and shock-absorbing liquid polymer buffers

Prototype: 65% completion, pending stress tests, final metrics and analysis
Reveal date: 45 days

2. Hacking Device: model 000123.4--Not for General Public!!

• Cranial implant
• Dedicated microcomputer module employing circuit of processors and databases programmed with multiple code-breaking and counter-cryptography subroutines
• Unit capable of identifying and providing intrusion solutions for over five million discreet software barriers

Prototype: 95% completion, pending final circuit and processor evaluations, stress testing
Reveal date: 10 days

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