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Laura Vale is an unseen character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. She has an apartment on the first floor of the Downtown apartments near Earls Court, Detroit.


Vale appears to be an avid conspiracy theorist. There are e-mails on her computer on topics such as the NSAs global surveillance program (codenamed ECHELON), and smear campaigns involving the future US president, Philip Riley Meed.

Vale has sent e-mails to Timothy Stephens, a staff member of the National Security Agency asking about information on its ECHELON program. These requests are met with hostility, however, and an official harassment complaint is filed against her. She also sent a web address to a family member named Penny Vale, that apparently "presents the true facts behind all the lies". However, Penny is not convinced by these unfounded assertions, stating that she finds the press more trustworthy than "a few paranoid kooks living in their parents' basement".


  • Amusingly, although Vale's belief in conspiracy theories is disregarded by others, she in fact turns out to be correct in some respects. For instance, it is known that ECHELON is used by the United Nations to spy on global communications, with its most sophisticated incarnation being ECHELON IV or Daedalus, Icarus and later the combined Helios.

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