LIMB International is an eBook in Deus Ex: The Fall. It can be found in several places in Panama City:

  • in the Downtown district near the LIMB clinic,
  • on a table to the left after entering the LIMB clinic.

Transcript Edit

LIMB International (Liberty In Mind and Body) is a multinational company founded in 2011 by Haydon Suyong. Suyong envisioned the creation of worldwide network of healthcare clinics catering exclusively to the specific needs of augmented patients. LIMB International created the LIMB Clinics, a network of augmentation facilities around the world for mechanically augmented individuals between 2011 and the present day.

In 2013, the 50th clinic opened in New Delhi, with over 50,000 patients visiting the facility within the first week of operations. In 2022, the first clinic in Brazil (and the 359th in the world) opened its doors to thousands of new patients.

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