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Kusanagi is a biotechnology firm and augmentation manufacturer in operation during the 2020s. Kusanagi distribute and market their products worldwide including countries such as the United States and China.[1] The company's tagline is "for human beings".


In 2027, a Kusanagi cybernetic arm is featured in the {Aug} magazine, including the cover image.

Later that year, following the leaked footage of augmented super-soldiers, violent protests take place outside the doors of one of Kusanagi's facilities.[2]

Characters with Kusanagi AugmentationsEdit

Hacker Denny from Deus Ex: Icarus Effect has mirrored Kusanagi optics that "give his eyes the look of steel spheres".[3]


The company name is likely a reference to Motoko Kusanagi‎, the cyborg heroine of manga and anime series Ghost in the Shell‎.



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