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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

For the computer passwords in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, see Passwords (DXMD).

A keypad in Mankind Divided.

This page contains keycodes for locked doors, security panels, and other electronic locks in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Codes can be obtained in several ways:

If you have the keycode for a lock, it will be displayed on-screen and you can simply input the digits and bypass the hacking process. Unlike in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you do not lose the XP you would get for hacking the device. By inputting the code you receive an XP bonus such as "Open Sesame" or "Entering Without Breaking" (depending on the security level). Note that you do not have to find the code in-game to be able to use it, hence this list.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Edit

Dubai Edit

Location Code Type of Lock (Hacking Level)
The very first keypad, to which you restore electricity 0451 * Security Panel (1)
Gate to the storage area (next to elevator) 4801 Security Panel (1)
Atrium doors 0682 Security Panel (1)

* Entering this code unlocks the achievement, A Heated Combination.

Prague Edit

Location Code Type of Lock (Hacking Level)

Southern Prague (Překážka) Edit

Zeleň Apartments, Jensen's Apartment Any 4-Digits Security Panel (1)
Zeleň Apartments, #21 (Tars' apartment) restricted areas 9002 Security Panels (1)
Zeleň Apartments, #22 (Bonbon's apartment) 0310 Security Panel (2)
Zeleň Apartments, #23 hidden safe 9002 Safe (3)
Zeleň Apartments, left storage unit in the courtyard (Eugen Weisse's storage unit) 3556 Storage Unit (2)
Svobody Beer's basement (both doors) 1015 Security Panel (4)
Koníčky & Hračky Toys factory storage unit 1998 Storage Unit (3)
Koníčky & Hračky Toys factory, safe inside the storage unit 2489 Safe (4)
Door in electrified alley in the Underpath (behind the Sarif Industries van that is near the Koníčky & Hračky Toys factory) 9002 Security Panel (4)
The Time Machine's delivery entrance door 1984 Security Panel (1)
Václav Koller's safe (in the hidden area behind the painting) 5555 Safe (3)
Gated door near Viznik in the sewers 6122 Security Panel (2)
Gated door near Paulina in the sewers 5398 Security Panel (2)
Neon Lab: doors in front and back of turret 0311 Security Panel (5)
Neon Lab: reactor room 7851 Security Panel (3)
Neon Lab: reactor terminal 7851 Security Panel (1)
Gated door in alley near the pawn shop 1984 Security Panel (1)
Radko Perry's safe 0109 Safe (1)
Capek Fountain Station's ticket booth and restrooms 3998 Security Panel (3) and (1)

Church of the MachineGod Edit

Armory door inside apartment 90 0101 Security Panel (3)
Gate to level 3 0010 Security Panel (2)
Gate to level 4 0011 Security Panel (2)
Apartment 97 (4th level) 1111 Security Panel (4)

Northern Prague Edit

Right storage unit (Mikael's) at 33 Hlavní Apartments 4227 Storage Unit (2)
Left storage unit at 33 Hlavní Apartments 2913 Storage Unit (2)
33 Hlavní Apartment #201 6864 Security Panel (4)
33 Hlavní Apartment #203 (Jim Miller's apartment) hidden storage safe 1363 Storage Unit (5)
Tubehouse Electronics 0701 Security Panel (2)
Right storage unit near the manhole entrance to Otar Botkoveli's casino (Otar's storage unit) 6446 Storage Unit (2)
Left storage unit next to previous (Tech Noir's storage) 9356 Storage Unit (2)
Door to gas filled room near Otar Botkoveli's casino in the Čistá Čtvrť sewers 1363 Security Panel (1)
Safe in Otar Botkoveli's casino 4863 Safe (1)
Left storage unit in a courtyard near TF29 HQ 6354 Storage Unit (4)
Right storage unit at the Lilioma Courtyard Apartments near TF29 HQ (Madame Photographe's unit) 5053 Storage Unit (2)
Safe in Madame Photographe's apartment 3608 Safe (5)
Storage unit right next to Staněk's Clock Shop 2469 Storage Unit (5)
Storage unit to the left of the previous (near Staněk's Clock Shop) 5100 Storage Unit (3)
Hemingway's Fine Spirits front door 9410 Security Panel (1)
Hemingway's Fine Spirits basement door 2003 Security Panel (2)
Chikane's Place (Kopecky's puppet shop), locked workshop 4465 Security Panel (5)
LIMB clinic entrance 4464 Security Panel (5)
Dai-Taga bar (across from LIMB clinic) second basement door 5622 Security Panel (4)
Locked basement door in Future-Past Antiký 3458 Security Panel (5)
Pilgrim Station door next to ticket booth 2548 Security Panel (2)
Pilgrim Station Server Room 9143 Security Panel (4)
Libuše Apartments, right storage unit 5555 Storage Unit (2)
Cigar Lounge basement door 2756 Security Panel (4)
Dvali Apartments #95 0666 Security Panel (3)
Dvali Theater backstage door (on stage's left side) 9651 Security Panel (4)
Door to Samizdat's office in the Dávný District sewers 5431 Security Panel (3)
Police Station basement door 0010 Security Panel (3)
Double doors near pedestrian bridge (behind Police Station) 7326 Security Panel (5)
Registration Office, server room 6788 Security Panel (5)
Ludvik's Lounge locked basement door 3419 Security Panel (2)
Right storage unit near Palisade Bank, in a small courtyard (Ashani/Masaaki's unit) 1293 Security Panel (3)
Left storage unit near Palisade Bank, in a small courtyard (Vlasta's unit) 2565 Security Panel (3)

Task Force 29 HQ Edit

Aria Argento's safe 2023 Safe (4)
Infirmary safe 4822 Safe (2)
IT Support room 5545 Security Panel (1)
Door to NSN Server Room 7734 Security Panel (2)
Vincent Black's safe 7913 Safe (5)

Palisade Property Bank Edit

Palisade Bank garage door 5136 Security Panel (4)
Palisade Bank garage maintenance door 6745 Security Panel (2)
Tomas Romanek's office 0831 Security Panel (1)
Executive Services room 9593 Security Panel (1)
Executive Services room hidden safe 6477 Safe (2)
Executive Safes: A04 (Sheppard's safe) 8132 Keypad (4)
Executive Safes: A08 1305 Keypad (4)
Executive Safes: A09 2357 Keypad (5)
Executive Safes A, Server Room B 7735 Security Panel (2)
Executive Safes A, hidden security room safe 1114 Safe (2)
Executive Safes: B01 6641 Keypad (5)
Executive Safes: B06 1996 Keypad
Executive Safes: B07 0310 Keypad (5)
Executive Safes B, hidden security room safe 1110 Safe (2)
CEO/CTO Office 0211 Security Panel (1)
3rd floor laser grids 5872 Security Panel (2)
IT Services room (3rd floor) 1969 Security Panel (1)

Růžička Station Edit

Server Room (with security terminal) 8066 Security Panel (2)
Ticket Booth 0808 Security Panel (1)

Golem City Edit

Location Code Type of Lock (Hacking Level)
Safe in Dr. Martine Onziema's housing unit 9990 Safe (3)
Police Storage area door 2223 Security Panel (5)
Gated door inside the police storage area (room with the praxis kit) 6123 Security Panel (3)
Second gated storage area inside The Narrows 0190 Security Panel (2)
The far right storage unit near the nursery/school 2046 Security Panel (2)
Moving bridge in The Throat 3354 Security Panel (5)
RVAC Row, Shower Room (room 400314) 0347 Security Panel (1)
RVAC Row, 2nd floor Storage Room A 1174 Security Panel (4)
RVAC Row, 2nd floor Storage Room A's safe 1433 Safe (4)
RVAC Row, 2nd floor Storage Room B 0274 Security Panel (2)
RVAC Row, Library (room 350252) 2104 Security Panel (1)
RVAC Row, 7th floor Storage unit 1 1896 Security Panel (3)
RVAC Row, 7th floor Storage unit 2 2025 Security Panel (3)
Mini-storage 1 (near turret and elevator to Rucker) 2544 Security Panel (2)
Mini-storage 2 (near turret and elevator to Rucker) 6889 Security Panel (5)

G.A.R.M. Edit

Location Code Type of Lock (Hacking Level)
Weapons Storage Room (inside the shooting range) 8935 Security Panel (3)

London Edit

Location Code Type of Lock (Hacking Level)
Code to activate the security override switch 5359 Security Panel (1)
Code to access doors in the reception hall 1515 Security Panel (1)
Code to access the VIP Room 2202 Security Panel (1)


System RiftEdit

Location Code Type of Lock (Hacking Level)
Code to ShadowChild's secret room in her apartment. The lock is behind a painting in the bedroom. 8222 (1)
Wall keypad in the third-floor apartment opposite the Palisade Blade lobby. The lock opens a secret room with a weapon stash. 1205 (3)
Isabella Trembliska's (Head of Human Resources) office on the 1st floor of the Palisade Blade 0622 Safe (3) and Security Panel (3)
Palisade Blade, airshaft door in the East corridor on the first floor. 8153 (2)
Tarvos Security Office on the 3rd floor of the Palisade Blade 1107 Security Panel (1)

Desperate MeasuresEdit

Location Code Type of Lock (Hacking Level)
Door near the ticket booth on level 1 1029 Security Panel (2)
Door to corridor with laser grid on level 1 1703 Security Panel (1)
Shaft`s service door on level 1 2111 Security Panel (2)
IT Department 1019 Security Panel (2)
Internal Security office (the one used by Jonathan Lee Clarke) 0724 Security Panel (4)
Whittaker's secret room 4826 Security Panel (5)

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