Lady Katrina Sutherland is a mechanically augmented mercenary currently employed by Britannia Resolutions to hunt down corporate and government personnel who are augmented and then go rogue. She appears in all but the first issue of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution comic series.


Early lifeEdit

Katrina's father was a drunk and addicted to gambling, losing almost all of the family fortune. However, there was a trust fund in Katrina's name which he couldn't touch. It was through this trust fund that Katrina managed to enroll in Oxford. She was a star athlete, regarded by her tutors to be at Olympic standards. While at Oxford, she took part in shooting, fencing, and horse riding, or as Katrina put it, "all the old, aristocratic sports".

During a horse riding race, Katrina was unseated, leading to her being trampled by the other horses and badly injured. Despite the nature of the injuries, her insurance refused to pay for the medical care as she had been drinking before the race. However, representatives from MI-5 offered to augment her in exchange for her services as an agent. She accepted and was an active MI-5 agent for ten years. After leaving MI-5, she spent eighteen months with Belltower Associates Incorporated, leaving their employ due to "not seeing eye-to-eye" with their operating methods, and eventually struck out on her own to form Britannia Resolutions.


Katrina has been sent to Montreal, tracking a rogue mercenary group which has been engaging in black ops across the globe and recently stole a sizable amount of weaponry from a private military contractor known as Sharp EdgeAdam Jensen unknowingly breaks into her hotel room, under the guise of an elite hacker, and they are understandably very hostile towards each other at first. They quickly form an alliance, though, when they both realize they have a common enemy - Quincy Durant, Jensen's old SWAT team commander and leader of the rogue merc group.

Jensen and Katrina quickly build a like-minded relationship, and eventually become lovers. However, during a brief pause in the hunt for their nemesis, Durant is able to take Katrina hostage, and gives Jensen the choice between killing himself or letting Katrina die. Right before Jensen is about to take his own life to save her, Katrina chooses to sacrifice herself, mortally wounding Durant in the process. Jensen, moments later, kills the weakened Durant in a fit of rage.

Katrina's death deeply affected Jensen, who had found in her an equal, a friend, and a lover.


  • Along with her British accent, Katrina's insistence of using the prefix "Lady" when being named could possibly mean that she is (or once was) the wife of a high ranking member of the Order of the British Empire.  Alternatively, it could merely be a reference to nobility in her family line.
  • She is referred to as being a former operative of both MI-5 and MI-6 in the comic, possibly hinting at a prior job as an intelligence officer.
  • Katrina's left arm augmentation is made by Tai Yong Medical, as evidenced by the brand on her shoulder on the cover of the second issue.


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