Kaiga Incorporated, also called Kaiga Limited (shortened into Kaiga Inc. and Kaiga Ltd., respectively), is a Russian ammunition and weapon modifications manufacturer in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Their logo is a star with two black points and a clove in the middle.


Kaiga Inc. manufacture one weapon (LS-66 Sabre Direct Energy Rifle) and makes ammo for several marketed weapons by other companies in 2027. Such ammunition products includes:

Kaiga Inc. is also the manufacturer of the non-lethal concussion grenades found in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


  • Though Kaiga Inc. only makes ammunition in the final release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, they were originally the developers of the M404 Heavy Rifle during beta stages of the game. The Kaiga M404 features a design vastly different from the final version, more closely resembling a conventional minigun than the light machinegun configuration appearing in the final game.
    • The M404 found in-game still bears the Kaiga Inc. logo on its side.

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