Jus Ad Bellum:[1] The Rise of the PMCs is an ingame eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It can be found in the bathroom in Jack O'Malley's apartment.

Transcript Edit

The Bluewater Scandal

In 2011, Bluewater Global, the worldwide leader among PMCs became the subject of a scandal that altered the landscape of the military contracting community. On the heels of accusations of wrong-doing by its employees in Afghanistan, a journalist with the Sentai Shimbun captured images of BG staff engaging in clandestine dealings with insurgents - apparently aimed at prolonging elements of the conflict.

The outcry that followed sent shock waves through the PMC business; within a year, congressional hearings, and a massive fall in shareholder confidence sounded the death knell for Bluewater. Public sentiment turned against PMC's, but the need for them was still very immediate. Sensing an opportunity, Roger St.John Ffolkes, founder and CEO of Belltower Associates, filled the power vacuum. Belltower's untarnished image worked in the corporation's favor, beginning a rise that took it to the top of its industry.


  1. Latin for "right to war"

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