Juggernaut Collective is an eBook in Deus Ex: The Fall. It can be found on the maintenance floor of the Hotel Novoe Rostov.


The Juggernaut Collective is a global cyberterrorist group, most likely led by the mysterious hacker known only as "Janus" or the "Gang of Five" (GO5), a collection of faceless hackers. The organization is directly responsible for bankrupting two Fortune 500 companies, crashing the Syrian intelligence agency's mainframe and bringing the Seattle traffic grid to a standstill. The organization has found its way onto the NSA's most wanted list.

They have close ties with the "New Sons of Freedom" (NSF), an anti-government militant group operating in the United States. The NSF believes that the rise of augmentations is being used by world governments to create "super soldiers" to the police and ultimately control the people. Juggernaut and NSF share many of these beliefs.

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