Josie Thorpe is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. She is the manager of Sarif Industries manufacturing plant in Milwaukee Junction.


At the beginning of the game, a radical anti-augmentation group called Purity First attacks the manufacturing plant in hopes of finding compromising information on the company, taking the employees hostage, including Josie and her husband Greg.

After making his way through the plant to the admin building, and potentially freeing the hostages at the manufacturing level, Adam Jensen confronts the purists' leader, Zeke Sanders. Sanders is holding Josie at a gunpoint. Josie may be killed by Sanders, unless Jensen manages to convince him that he's being played by the augmented hacker who infiltrated his group.

She and her husband will reward you if she was successfully rescued from Zeke Sanders.


  • It is possible to fail the conversation with Zeke, which results in him taking Josie hostage and leaving the building. In this scenario, Sanders escapes while Josie is killed in the process.
  • Her computer password is "Hydra".

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