Jock's apartment is an apartment in Hong Kong used by Jock in 2052, and is one of the locations that can be visited by JC Denton in Deus Ex. It is located in an apartment complex on Tonnochi Road, directly across from the Queen's Tower Luxury Suites, a building containing Maggie Chow's apartment. Jock got this apartment because he is tasked to watch Chow and assassinate her if necessary.

The apartment has a kitchen where JC can take food from Jock's fridge. Jock is never seen in his apartment, and is best used by the JC as a safe house.

JC can make the jump from the windows in Maggie Chow's apartment living room to Jock's balcony.

Binoculars and a sniper rifle can be found on the roofs nearby, these could have been used by Jock as he spied on Maggie Chow across the street.

The elevator shaft in the apartment complex contains a dead-end crawl space with a human skull placed inside and a button, which opens a hatch below to the street - the point of this is unknown.