A ruck.

Joan's book of Military Transgenics is an in-game book in Deus Ex: Invisible War. It discusses the ruck, a transgenic creature developed for military purposes. The book can be found in Stan Carnegie's office in the Mako Ballistics biolab.


The Ruck

One of the latest developments in military transgenic application, the RUCK has shown great promise in experimental implementation and military testing.

The original head of the problem attempted to use Orangutans as the base unit, but results from the passive ape were disastrous. A new staff of researchers applied a biomodified strain of Papio ursinus, or baboon. The beast has shown tremendous utility as a military unit. It responds well to brutal leadership, works well in a pack, and is a vicious combatant.

The RUCK is about 80 kg unequipped, and is usually armed with a set of varied proxmines. The unit can maneuver in almost total darkness and is equipped to be undetectable to most sensors and listening devices. Its decision making ability is weaker than most field grade AIs, but the affordability of the unit offsets its weakness.

Commanders of units to be deployed with RUCKs are encouraged to issue boltcasters to all personnel. Tranquilizing is often needed prior to transport, and there is a slim chance that the unit could become hostile to allied troops.

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