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The Jinn are a smuggling cartel based in Middle East and operating in Europe, Asia and Africa in the 2020s. They deal in drugs, weapons, medical implants, augmentations, and occasionally human trafficking.[1]

Interpol estimates that the Jinn have 8000-12000 members, with ~3000-5000 members in the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan), ~4000-6000 members in Arabian Peninsula (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, etc.), and ~1000 members in Africa.[2] The Jinn's exact base of operations in unknown, but Interpol believes it is most likely in Muscat, Oman.[1]


The Jinn are led by the twin brothers Salar and Wasim Alam. Salar is known as the Bull and the Heart of the Jinn, Wasim - as the Head of the Jinn.[2]

Events of Deus Ex: Mankind DividedEdit

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  • The name "Jinn" comes from the Arabic word, al-jinn. This is the origin of the word "genie", and they make up one of the three sentient creatures created by Allah, as well as men and angels.



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