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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

James "Jim" Miller is the director of the Central European Division of Task Force 29, an international counter-terror force funded by Interpol. He is Adam Jensen's boss in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and the Deus Ex Universe: Children's Crusade comics.


Before the Aug Incident of 2027, Miller was part of the Australian Tactical Assault Group (TAG, a military counter-terrorism unit) and was described as an excellent marksman by his colleagues.[2] An unknown time later, he left TAG and joined TF29.

Prior to late 2029, Miller had married Neil Mayhew-Smith and they adopted two children: Susie and Ethan. However, by late 2029 the couple was going through a nasty divorce with the two children living with Neil and Miller refusing to give his consent for a surgery to be done on their daughter whose spine was degenerating.

Work with Task Force 29 Edit

In early 2029, Miller provides Christian Jarreau, a TF29 commander in North America, with information that the black market arms dealer Sheppard is stopping in Detroit. Jarreau's unit attempts to intercept Sheppard, but is unable to capture him.[3]

As the branch director in Prague, Miller serves as Adam Jensen's boss. Although Jensen is nominally part of the counter-terrorism unit led by Duncan MacReady, Miller will pull Jensen away for specific assignments, due to the fact that Jensen is the only augmented field agent in the unit. Miller's special treatment of Jensen causes resentment in MacReady.[4]

Miller himself reports directly to Joseph Manderley, the director of the Task Force. In late 2029, Manderley orders Miller to deploy his unit in Dubai to intercept an arms deal between Sheppard and the Jinn.[5] There, Miller's unit witnesses a surprise ambush by Shadow Operatives. Afterwards, back in Prague, Růžička Station is bombed by unknown assailants. Manderley then orders Miller to blame the Augmented Rights Coalition (ARC) for the bombing, as well as the previous attack on Dubai and a future attack on a North American VersaLife facility that has yet to occur, even though these events have nothing to do with ARC. Adam Jensen would later discover that Manderley's actions are controlled by Bob Page, who is a member of the Illuminati.

Later, Miller arrives in London to stop Viktor Marchenko's impending attack on the Apex Centre. However, Miller is badly injured by Marchenko's men, who force Miller to drink a lethal experimental substance known as the Orchid. If Jensen had managed to obtain the Orchid antidote from the Palisade Property Bank in Prague, Jensen can administer the antidote to save Miller; otherwise, Miller will succumb to the Orchid.

Personality and traits Edit

Despite his personal life, Miller doesn't let it interfere with his professional one. Miller is seen as a direct and decisive leader, committed to his job and passionate about protecting civilians. He has gone through his entire career with unwavering respect for the chain of command. But lately, questionable orders passed down by Manderley have caused Miller to balk, resulting in him starting to reconsider his stance.[1]


  • During the final mission in London, Miller is badly injured. Jensen can save him by using the Antidote found earlier in the VersaLife corporate vault during The Heist. Saving Miller will unlock the He's [Not] Dead, Jim achievement.


  • According to The Art of Deus Ex Universe, Jim Miller's appearance is based on the actor Rutger Hauer as a reference to his character Roy Batty from Blade Runner.[6]
  • On one of Miller's computers is an e-mail from Bennet, an old comrade during his time in the Special Forces. This is likely a reference to the 1985 film Commando, where Miller's voice actor, Vernon Wells, portrayed the character of the same name.

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