Jaya is a broker in Hengsha in 2027. She appears in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and is involved in the Bar Tab side quest.


Jaya acquired an upgraded social enhancement chip from Tong Si Hung's organization, promising to pay up as soon as her business started going well. After Tong's men changed the conditions of the agreement, demanding monthly shares of her profits as a broker, she went into hiding.

After Adam Jensen first meets Tong, he is directed to Bobby Bao, who asks for help finding Jaya by hacking a Belltower antenna network in the Youzhao district and then getting the owed money from her. After tracking her to the Hengsha Court Gardens apartments, Jensen can negotiate with her to pay up, convince her to return the chip, or persuade Bao into leaving her alone.


  • If Jensen completes the quest and gives Bao the 250 Credit symbol, he hands over a Praxis kit as a reward.
  • If Jensen sides with Jaya, Bao will want 5000 Credit symbol to leave her alone for good, but also hands over the Praxis kit. Looks like there is a tiny inconsistency here: Bobby tells Jensen it would cost a years' worth payment to leave the lady, but demands 5000 Credit symbol which is 20 months' worth of payment (one and two thirds of a year).
  • Note that Bao can also set the sidequest in exchange for a meeting with Tong, this occurs if Jensen fails the social battle with Tong in the VIP lounge. If this is the case he will not hand out a praxis kit in exchange for the credit payment, he will however hold up his end of the agreement and arrange a meeting with Tong, progressing the storyline.
  • If Jaya is killed, or Jensen brings back the chip, Bao will not be pleased and will not give out any reward.