Jaron Namir's computer is a computer that appears in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is located on the Tyrant Jetliner and belongs to the Tyrants leader Jaron Namir. It contains just one email.

New Recruits Edit

FROM: Namir
TO: Bronski


As you know after Joe Wexler's unfortunate death, I have been actively seeking his replacement. I know that you've read over the dossier on Ben Saxon and have reviewed all of his fitness reports.

Ben's a former member of the UK's elite Special Air Service and has served Belltower as team leader on a number of ops. I believe you'll agree that Ben Saxon will be a fine addition to the team. You can be assured that Saxon will be fully committed to the Tyrants. If you have any questions or any information that might be relevant, please let me know.


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